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Your Perspective Really Is Everything

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If you’re like me, your perspective on life may be feeling a little bit off with these kids at home and everything else going on.

For some reason, my 2 year old has an extra pocket jam packed full of energy. And i don’t think hes going to be giving it up anytime soon. & my 5 year old cant stand being away from her friends at school. I. Can’t. Relax.

I’ve been feeling super positive one moment and feeling like im gonna accomplish all the things. Then my children and everything else tells me otherwise. If its not this, its that. And if its not one kid, its the other. While im cleaning up one mess, another child is making sure to make another.

It feels like a freaking zoo in here.

& if i allow it, my perspective can get very yucky, very quickly.

Keeping up with all the things and now having to home school the kiddos to add to it. Its all just been a lot & im sure many of you can agree.

Finding the time to actually focus on what i want seems a little bit impossible at the moment since other things are obviously taking priority. Instead, lets focus on perspective because that is really what needs attention at the moment.

Although i would love to share with you that i have been busy being super productive and getting all sorts of things done, its just not happenin’ over here. Least not yet.

And you know? After some thinking.. I’m OK with that.

There’s a huge adjustment that is going on in every single home right now.  So for one, i know that im not alone. But for two, im aware that there’s certain shifts in my mindset that need to be made. Which is always a great start. 

My list of things to do is pretty dang long. So, instead of beating myself up. Today i am giving myself a lot of grace for all the things i haven’t quite gotten done yet.

I really wanted to write today to remind you to remember to give yourself grace, too.

Focus on the progress you are making & not what needs to be done. Heck, focus on the accomplishments of everything you are doing just to keep yourself and everyone alive today.

Just as much as it’s OK to have goals in your life and biz right now it is OK to take your time with them.

Without any of us having the knowledge to really deal with a pandemic like this, its going to take some time to find a new normal.

Give yourself and others a whole lot of grace right now. Because truthfully, we all really need it. 

There is so much uncertainty with what is still to come. I feel like i see so many holding onto the fear of the unknown right now. & I want to encourage you to really press into your faith through prayer, affirmations, and reading scripture or anything that makes your soul feel good.

Because this is what i have been focusing on the last few days and its been making a huge difference.

Lately, for me its been listening to a lot of music which has been a mixture between Lauren Daigle and Drake. And writing and reading, and talking to others that are going through what im going through has helped too.

Personally, I find so much healing in my heart when i can talk with others about stuff that’s heavy on my heart. & it helps to give hope or encourage another person in their struggle.

Your perspective really is everything.

Today i started doing my daily squats as well which really made me feel good this morning! During this time i like to focus on how grateful i am for my body and what it has accomplished. Granted i have been eating like garbage, these type of things really help me and give me hope in times where hope is hard to be found.

Focus on one thing at a time, though. & only focus on the things you can actually change.

Don’t wait until you are asleep to dream, my friend. Trust that whatever you have going on that is hard will be over & focus on the good that’s going to come from it; and what already has.

There is an end to every moment of frustration, depression, and fear so don’t underestimate the power of starting over. Any hour, any day.

You and i both hold the power within ourselves to take that control.

Grace, Grace, Grace, my friend.

Turn your worry into prayers, your stress into understanding that God is in control, & your anxiety into action. Your happiness matters.

Now breathe in your nose and count to 3. Exhale.

Now repeat this affirmation to yourself: “All the potential i could ever need is already inside of me”

Have a blessed week!! We got this!

PS: Remember we are not stuck at home, we are safe at home. <3

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