I Know It’s Hard, But You Can Trust Again

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Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

Trust has always been a hard subject for me & something I’ve continued to struggle with.

I have a feeling that so many others like me trusted their home to be their safe place.

Having trusted my biological dad to actually come back when he would. Instead he made his appearance whenever it was convenient for him

The ones closest to me, i trusted them to not judge me or speak badly of me when I wasn’t around. Instead they stabbed me in the back.

I trusted someone with my whole life, finances, my mind, most importantly my body & they chose to abuse me.

My babysitters were trusted to not harm me, yet they still did. I trusted a man who didn’t allow me to call him dad as the young girl inside of me was desperate to find one.

There was too many times I have been abused to write about in one short sentence or paragraph. The worst for me was seeing him abuse his own children, and my own mother. This was the man whom we as a family gave our trust.

I have trusted so many people in my life who have never deserved it. However, what im continuing to learn through it all is that trusting yourself is always the best answer.

God has given me a spirit of happiness for a reason and I will be damned if I live a large portion of my life sad, angry, or depressed about my past and the wrong doings that have been done to me because of the evil schemes of this world.

None of the past can be changed. None of it.. even confronting those who have hurt us will do any good.

Because hurt people hurt people.

But just because these people are living in misery, doesn’t mean you or i need to be a part of it. I’ve been blessed with a strong mindset and a spirit of happiness and joy, and i don’t want to give that away any longer. & neither should you.

Here’s to doing our best and choosing to trust our heavenly father and the plans that he has for the future.

It may be uncomfortable, but he always follows through with something better. And there is so much joy to be found in having hope.

Its a huge part of your faith, your relationships, and most importantly your happiness.

Regardless if having trust for others has worked out in the past or not; just remember that God will see you through it. He will be right there waiting for you after the smoke clears waiting for you to listen to him to take the next step.

Choose the people who choose you, and give your positive energy to the world where it can be used the most. This world needs you & i, and as much as we like to admit it, it needs our enemies too. To bring light and truth where it needs to be shown.

Love the people you have in your life that love you too.

Choose to have faith and trust that they will do the same in return. Rather than living in the fear that they wont.

If you are in a place right now where you are finding it hard to trust others; i hope you know that there is hope. You can have trust again and you can build healthy relationships again.

Its all about getting rid of the ones that are no longer serving us and choosing to move on with grace & good intentions.

Choose better because you deserve better.

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Thank you for sharing!


  1. Thank you for sharing today! Your post was absolutely amazing. I also wanted to thank you for following my blog. I do hope that my posts will be helpful for you. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts! Take care and continue to stay positive!


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