We Are All A Survivor Of Something

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“As I began to love myself. I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living my own truth. Today I know this is authenticity.” -Charlie Chaplin

Shower thoughts..

I always have the best thoughts and ideas in the shower. Anyone else?

Just me.. ok.

This morning I posted on my Facebook page asking for help in writing my bio for my social media accounts.

I understand a lot of you may be confused as to what it is I’m really doing with my niche.. truthfully I’m not 100% sure yet either.

Something just tells me to keep doing what i’m doing

and if i could choose my biggest accomplishment it would be to inspire others to do the same.

Do what sets your soul on fire my friends!

It’s a given that I’m wife, mother, and blogger.. but I want to be all of the other things too!! Bare with me while I figure it all out haha I do appreciate you enjoying the ride with me though 😉


The truth is none of us really know what we’re doing anyways right??

Most of us just wing it and hope and pray for the best no matter how good or hard we work for it.


Or am I alone on this again? 😆

One thing for sure is that we can never be sure of the outcome so we really just need

to have faith in the process.

I have to remind myself of this often because i see so many others struggling with the same things as me, some just show it in different ways than I do.

It’s really hard to be there for those we don’t understand fully.

In asking about help with writing my bio it really got me to thinking about how others view me.

I’m becoming more comfortable and able to accept these things about myself that others see,

but yet there is still so much doubt in between the lines.

Coming from someone who has been really preaching a lot about being yourself I hope you understand just how much I truly struggle so much with self doubt

but how important this topic truly is to me.

I’m really not ashamed to admit anymore that I need reassurance, in a lot of things I do.

Whether that be from a stranger, my mother or my man.

I just need someone to tell me that what I’m doing is ok, for whatever stupid reason.

I’ve never been able to be a very decisive person because of it. I hate it!

I really do.

And I’m trying to overcome that little fault (there are many) but it’s all still a process..

Just bare with me people.

Even though I know there’s a bunch of support I have from you all, I also know there are those that sit back and judge me and everything I do.

It’s hard to ignore the hate and actually is easier to pay attention to it rather then the ones who are supporting you.

The devil loves to work on those of us who are vulnerable..

not today Satan!

It’s even harder to ignore it though when you realize that those you thought would support you, really don’t when it starts to become “selfish” in their eyes because what your doing no longer is a benefit to them.

I refuse to let those people affect me and the way I do my life anymore.

Just so we’re clear and all of you haters know,

Praying for you is a part of the process.

Sadly, truth is, we have all struggled and we all suffer from something daily.

Even those that are judging and trying to hurt me, they are struggling too.. and who knows.

Maybe worse.

No matter how hard we try to portray a 100% happy and healthy life,

we all need to first understand that it’s unrealistic and then we need to stop expecting it of ourselves.

To be 100% healthy and happy, we need to accept our faults and be real about who we are and where we come from.

Your life and story has something to offer the world!

I have preached it many times before, it’s ok to have bad days.. we all do. But don’t pretend like you don’t.

Obviously, deal with yourself accordingly and be respectful of others.. but don’t expect yourself to not get angry or upset, or to not have opinions when you feel objected to something.

We are wearing our tired little souls out!!

Once you start becoming more accepting of your own flaws and discomforts it’s a lot easier to accept people in theirs.

We need to have compassion for ourselves most importantly and for each other

because compassion and empathy is what saves a lot of us.

I promise you that.

Whether or not our struggles be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.. we are all just trying to do our best here.

Lately I have really been trying to hone in on who I truly am and accepting it. I accept now that even though I am not where I ultimately want to be, I know I am headed in that direction

and that gives me a lot of peace.

Be ok with who you are;

Your career option




pet peeves


home and car


and even your friends

All of it is what makes you, you.

Whether you may like it or not, it’s all you.

And there comes a time when dealing with so much self doubt where you need to really accept yourself for all that you are,

or make a change if your not willing to.

Be real with yourself and forget the haters and the ones who don’t support you!

Who knows maybe their hate is really giving you the courage you need and you may not even notice it.

Let them talk, let them make their remarks, let them unfollow you, and unfriend you..

and trust me, I understand how much it hurts specifically when it comes from those who were once in your life before you started the journey in the first place.

Honestly anyone that doesn’t support someone in doing good for themselves , no matter what that may be, is a type of negativity and rejection that no one needs in their life.

Let. IT. GO.

There are people everywhere that will drain you and try to steer you away from doing what your doing, and you really have to keep your eyes focused!

For most of them; they don’t know any better.. but you can’t fix them either.

Life is hard and not just for you, not just for me.. it’s a struggle for all of us.

And it for sure is too dang short to be constantly searching for the approval of others. Let’s be in support of one another.. no matter if we agree with what they are doing or how they do something.

We are all worthy of acceptance from others, every single one of us.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself anymore, go out and give this life your best because we only have so long.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more and that it turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”

Us human beings have all or are all suffering from something and I think every one of us has a story to be told in order to empower and inspire someone else. The question is will you use it for your good or will you let it continuously haunt you?

What are you a survivor of?

Mama in Grace

Thank you for sharing!

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