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I always knew that life wasn’t fair.

But the older I’ve gotten the more I realize how we have zero control over it. Life really isn’t fair for any of us.

5 years ago, I was still stuck in a mindset that someday life would be “perfect”.. or at least my idea of perfect that I had created in my head. And I stressed so hard about making sure that that perfect life would happen.

That was part of the problem.

I thought for sure after all I had been through in my short 20 something years of life that surely things would someday be different. And they are.. to an extent.

But, truth is that life can cruel. and its a battle we all face everyday

There is so much good in the world that we can focus on but there is also so much evil that a lot of us aren’t aware of. And it affects us tremendously everyday. In our thoughts, our behaviors, our attitudes.

We will always have good days and we will always have bad days. However, it helps to stay focused on the fact that just as fast as the bad days come is as fast as they will go.

In order to stay positive in this life you need to accept the fact that doing your best has to be good enough.

Because the truth is that none of us are perfect. There will always be things we wish we could or would have done different. And we can’t change those things.

But honestly if you are doing the best, that’s really the best you can do.

You have to be dedicated to winning the battle in your mind and taking control of your thoughts.

We all face insecurity, shame and fear and if we focus on those things too long they have the tendency to take full control.

They take control of your thoughts, your body, your emotions and your actions.

We have all faced things in our past that try to push themselves into our present and our future, and they will possibly always be there.

When you are focused on overcoming the pain in your past you have a better chance of feeling ok with letting those things go.

Having a positive attitude is like medicine for your soul. It’s important to feel what you need to feel but my advice is don’t remain in a negative place for too long.

Be patient with yourself in the process of retraining your thoughts.

Although our culture thrives on comfort and its the last thing we ever want to think about. You may fear change like I do too.

But when we become too comfortable we also put blinders on our eyes to the opportunities that are around us. Even the ones that would ultimately lead us right where we really want to go.

Deep down we want the things we want but sometimes we are too scared to step out in faith and actually do them. We can’t expect ourselves to change if we never take that next step.

The bad days and the crappy situations will always come, but if you stay consistent in your thoughts and how you deal with them you will have a better chance at overcoming them.

Sometimes it’s just a season, but the good news is that seasons always change

Hold tight to your faith and to the hope and joy that He brings. 

There has been nothing more valuable to me throughout my life than my faith. Nothing else has gotten me through like God has.

The hard times may put you in a place of self doubt and insecurity but the truth is that those things don’t define you. They aren’t who you are or who God created you to be. There is always a new day to start over.

You can’t beat yourself up. Otherwise you will begin to lose yourself really quick.

The hardest part of the journey is taking control of where you are heading. But you have the power within you to take full control and the first step to doing it is believing that you can.

You can control how you deal with the negative thoughts and how you deal with bad days.

Take the power the God has given you and utilize it for your good and His glory. He’s standing in the fire with you  and he isn’t going to let go of you.

It’s never easy making these changes but the more consistent you stay the easier it will get. You are worth the work that it takes and you deserve to be free! Free from the weight that’s been holding you down.

You truly never know who you are inspiring on your journey.

God always rewards those who are willing to put in the work towards growing closer to him. He wants you to be happy as much as you do.

He wants you to know who you are in him. To show you what you deserve and then he wants you to claim it in His name.

This world is full of good and sometimes we just have to look for it, pray for it, or make the good happen ourself in order to see it.


Thank you for sharing!

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