The best and cheapest decision I ever made!

So I had NO idea what was actually in store for me beginning my first day into the new year.

It was 2 nights ago at about 11 PM, and I had just finished putting my newborn baby to sleep and was laying in bed scrolling through Facebook when I came across an Ad for this company called Hello Pink, it started back in 2015, but has just launched itself with a Direct Sales opportunity. And to launch off they were offering “New Stylists” to sign up for only 10$ which included a new website-no extra fees! Not to mention 30% discount!! The reason why I jumped on it so quick was because they were capping off the number of new stylists at 2000. And it happened very quick! So as of right now you are looking at 1 of 2000 Hello Pink Stylists! (Corporate will be offering sign ups again after January 8th with different pricing options, once they get things situated a little more.)

This is me actually practicing what I preach guys, take more chances—you never know what could happen for you! I can’t wait to find out😁

I wasn’t as excited right away as I am right now because I have been finding out more and more about the company these past 48 hours and there’s so many things about the business and the products that I absolutely love!

First and foremost for me, is that I get a 30% discount on everything, all the time! Plus, there are no monthly OR inventory requirements! (Huge bonus for us stay at home moms). —hallelujah this may actually work for me!

Most products are made in the USA and there are brand new arrivals that are announced DAILY at 8PM EST!

This is a boutique style business so items come and go very quickly! One mission the company has is to not carry a ton of the same items for months at a time versus retailer stores. Huge plus in my opinion, you won’t ever run into people wearing the same outfits you–hopefully😉

Have you been one to dive into a direct sales company before? I did too almost 5 years ago now, and I ran my business from home selling Plexus for about a year as a new mom at the time while my fiancé worked, a lot. I was lonely and my business at the time was my life. The best part about working a Direct Sales company is because it’s just that, Direct! I loved to be one on one with people and I loved to help my team reach individual goals they were working on! There was so much I wish I did with that business but never did, and it ended up taking a turn for the worst when they switched the products and they were no longer working the same. Which ended up ruining a ton of my customer base. Plus, the products weren’t working the same for me either. Hard to sell something you don’t 100% believe in!

I never really thought I would get into someone like this again because of the monthly requirements and also because just trying to be so in love with something that you just can’t contain your excitement enough to not share with others is hard to find! But with this company I don’t have to try, clothes are something us girls all love! And leggings? A girls best friend am I right?! I forgot to mention that they carry extended sizes up to 5X! Ahhhmazing!

I am most excited that they also carry girls clothing so I can get my daughter matching leggings! ( once i receive my first order of clothing I will take a picture and share with you all!)

I have done all of the research I can about the company and have read over and over again about how high quality the clothes are and how soft the leggings are! ( comparable if not better than LulaRoe). I have also read that they are very true to size so shopping should be a breeze for us all! I’m suuuuuper excited to get some new clothes in my closet! How about you?!

Check out my Online Boutique if you are interested in shopping, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to shoot me an email! ❤️

I will be creating a business page on my Facebook so I can announce daily new arrivals and also to share some awesome giveaways—stay tuned! You don’t want to miss all of the upcoming excitement😁

Happy New Year Everyone! I sincerely hope 2018 is good to you. I have a feeling it’s going to be an awesome one!

***UPDATE*** I have just noticed today how quickly Hello Pink has sold out of the cutest items- please be patient with them as they are getting product as quick as they can! The company grew from just a couple hundred to 2000 women in less than 3 days! That’s amazing!! ***

(Would also love to hear your feedback!)

Don’t wait for opportunity–create it!

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