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16 Reasons To Be Positive

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Take the good with the bad. That’s what they often say, anyways. But even i know that its so much easier said than done. Especially during times of chaos like we are all living through right now. However, finding reasons to be positive is really the only option at this point.

I’m sure by now that most of us are feeling the weight of the world with the negative effects that the Coronavirus is creating.

Although its OK to feel however you may be feeling, be sure to not stay in a negative place too long. Do what you can to create positive energy around you and within you.

If you are anything like me, being trapped inside can be really hard on your mental health. You may feel the pressure to get everything inside your house done. Maybe its because you see everyone posting all the projects they are accomplishing and you feel like you need to do it all, too.

Don’t put that pressure on yourself or your family and just focus on what is necessary right now. For some that may be home renovations and for others it might be time spent playing with their children. For me this week, its been to stay as positive as i can.

Just do what feels right for you.

Love on those in your home well. Spend time doing things you wouldn’t normally have the time for and make new memories. This time and these moments will never come again so enjoy the little things.

Now is also a great time to utilize our time to reach out to those we love. We now have video chats which is such a blessing for those living away from each other, but now for times that call for social distancing, we can really take advantage of it.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, find an online support group or private forum where you feel safe to talk and share what you are doing to stay positive in times of negativity. It’s time that we rise together as a society, and not against each other.

Knowing that you can be a light to others is one of many great reasons to be positive right now.

The good that is going to come from all of this bad is far greater than most are focused on right now.

But the reality of it is;

  • We will never take hugs and handshakes for granted again.
  • Time spent at home doing nothing is completely acceptable right now.
  • Our beloved earth is being given a chance to breathe.
  • Adventure will be found in our homes where it wasn’t found before.
  • Our children will enjoy seeing their friends at school again and they will realize just how much they enjoy the help they get from their teachers.
  • We will show and treat each other with more kindness.
  • A lot of families are together for the first time.
  • Good feelings are being found in ‘little things’ that went unnoticed before.
  • People will wash their hands more than they used to.
  • Our healthcare workers, teachers, and grocery store clerks will be shown the respect they each deserve.
  • Customer service will become greater as those will appreciate their jobs again and customers will respect those serving them.
  • People thinking about their health now more than before.

  • General health has been prioritized above finances.
  • Most will realize that not one person is greater or less than the other. And that we have all been effected by this somehow. We all have the same basic needs, we all stress, we all struggle, and we’re all in this together.
  • According to the World Health Organization the amount of people whom have recovered from CoronaVirus is far greater than those who have passed.
  • People are choosing to have faith that better days are coming. 

There will be good to come from all the bad we are seeing, hearing, and maybe experiencing. I hope you can find hope in that. The greatest gift we can give one another right now is to stay home. And to also remind each other of  the reasons to be positive.

If you are feeling negative, choose a different perspective and if you cant find one. Reach out to someone.

Friends, although this quarantine is temporary, lets not allow all the good that has come to be, too. Stay well.

be the one

enjoy the little things

the greatest gift to give one another

focus on the good

15 reasons to be positive

Thank you for sharing!


  1. Jami Erickson

    So much this! I love it, very practical ideas anyone can use to make this time filled with precious memories for years to come. A real reason to slow down and appreciate the little things 🙂


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Thank you so much! It really is so important to focus on these things during these times! I appreciate your feedback very much 🙂


  2. Lisa Lenoch

    Love your 16 reasons to stay positive at this time!! Thanks Courtney!


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