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Everything You Are Going Through Is Growing You

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Personal growth is something you have to want bad enough for yourself in order to face the opposition that is thrown your way with grace.

It’s realizing that everything you’re going through is growing you, even in moments of weakness.

It means to bloom wright where you are planted.

It’s safe to say that it can be easy to get caught up in the waves that crash us to shore when we’re diving deep towards personal growth.

Honest mistakes are something we all make, every one of us. Those of us that are harder on ourselves can have a harder time accepting those mistakes we make. We beat ourselves up, put ourselves down, and obsess over every little detail.

Having patience and allowing ourselves to make mistakes is essential in any kind growth we are pursuing. Everything worth having takes time, and a lot of patience. It’s worth it to manage your anxiety the best as you can during these times.

Failures tend to hold us back from ever really starting again.

Remembering what the experience was like the first time we failed at something can be easily ingrained in our memory. This can also be the catalyst to what holds us back from ever moving forward.

We have to be stronger than that and remember that everyone fails.

Remember Thomas Edison? He made 1,000, yes you read that right.. 1,000 attempts at inventing the light bulb. And look at us now in 2019.

That man accomplished so much for all of us, because he failed. Miracles really do happen and the more you look for them, the more you will see them.

Expectation setbacks are a definite flaw in my life. I expect so much of myself that it literally ends up hurting me. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let my expectations of myself hold myself back in my personal growth journey.

When all of these other things that seem to be negative happen to us, it’s so much easier to throw in the towel.

It’s easy to just give up and wither away rather than to stand up and take on the work that it takes to keep on growing.

We speak negative to ourselves and to only listen to what our voices are telling us, because that’s what we’re most comfortable with. And we always want to do what is most comfortable, right?

Personal growth doesn’t happen where it’s comfortable, and we have to remind ourselves of that. Change happens when we are uncomfortable.

We have to water our lives where it is starving for thirst. Self care, love, and patience for ourselves. Despite the anxiety and other setbacks.

It’s time to make ourselves a little bit more uncomfortable and remember that sometimes the more that it hurts, the more that it’s working.

Life experiences are the biggest part of our personal growth journey because no change can happen without the experience.

Every little thing that we experience is detrimental to who we become. Because right in the moment of the happening we are becoming something new.

So even though this whole personal growth thing is hard for you, embrace where you’re at.

These things are teaching us to be better moms, better spouses, better friends, and better people. We are constantly evolving.

The greatest thing about the whole journey of personal growth is the experiences that go along with it.

It’s been more frequent for me to learn something new and to move forward with intention when bad things happen rather than letting those bad things define me.

I’ve found that I love myself a whole lot more when I’m letting go of the negative. Letting go of those things allows me to enjoy my life for what it is.

When we let go of personal limiting beliefs, we allow growth in the most personal parts of our lives.

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Thank you for sharing!


  1. Sarahslyfe

    I love this. Such a great reminder that failures dont define us, they make us. Thanks for sharing


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Very much so! Failures are bound to happen, it’s all about perspective! Thank you for the love!


  2. this is all so true. every time i fail i try and remind myself that that failure is what is helping me grow. Sometimes its easier than others.


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Definitely! It’s never really easy, but just like with anything else, with a consistent positive mindset you will notice a huge difference in your life! Good for you for reminding yourself of this important reminder! Thank you for the love ❤️


  3. This post really resonated with me especially about the part of letting go of the negative to be able to enjoy all the good that comes out of it when you do. Thanks for sharing!


    • Courtney Ferguson

      I’m so glad to hear that this resonates with you! Setbacks are bound to happen, so it’s all about making that decision to move forward! Thank you for the love 💗


  4. it is amazing what can grow us. it comes when we least expect it!


  5. I love the idea of thinking of yourself as a flower that is ready to bloom or constantly blooming. When we move toward the positive and say goodbye to the negative forces in our life we can truly grow.


  6. This is so true! It’s important for use to remind ourselves that failures do NOT define us – they simply help us better ourselves and become the best version of ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Yes!! Thank YOU for taking the time to read. Hope you are well! xo


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