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Understanding The Mind Body Connection As An Empath

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the mind body connection

The connection that our mind has with our body is insane.

Especially when you truly understand the positive and negative effects that our mind truly has on our body. Or when you’re a complete empath, like me.

1 year into therapy was when i realized my traumatic childhood had played a role in how i felt everyday. I had been to years of therapy in the past and thought i was all good.

Really, i had no idea at that point.

I wasn’t feeling the greatest during that time. And i had been holding a massive amount of tension in my body.

I woke up daily with massive panic attacks that would make be throw up over and over and over again. I wrote about that a lot when i first started my blog. 

One day, my therapist had finally uncovered some things that i had never talked about before and recommended that we start sessions of EMDR.

The first session i ever had really opened my eyes to what effect my mind was having on my body.

What even is the mind body connection?

It’s the link between ones feelings based on experiences, behavior, and physical symptoms.

It could be trauma, neglect, abuse, or even witnessing something traumatic that can trigger a negative response in your physical health.

Why this happens is the nervous system, the endocrine system, and immune system are constantly communicating with each other through chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters.

Jennifer from Simple Home best explains it in this article written on the mind and body connection;

These intersecting systems help to establish the mind-body connection that influences the maintenance of health or the development of disease. For example, emotions like anxiety can trigger increased stress hormones, which may suppress the immune system and set the stage for the development of infections or cancer.

I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza speak recently about the mind and body connection, and he said “nerve cells that fire together, wire together.”

Essentially, our emotions effect our entire well being. These imbalances and disturbances can cause us to feel pain at a greater height, inflammation, and just plain ill.

Strengthen your mind, strengthen your body

Your body has more of a memory than you think it does. It hangs onto every experience both negative and positive, and attaches itself to what it familiarizes the most with.

After doing several therapy sessions with EMDR, i began learning more about healing my mind and the work that it was really going to take. First being aware, then comes understanding, and then you must forgive yourself.

Being mentally strong isn’t just about how good you can hide something or how great you are at faking a smile.

I’ve learned that you have to uncover a lot of shit before you can get to where you want to be. Mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

I’ve come along way in healing from my past and its played a huge role in me advocating for myself and even in overcoming cancer.

Its so important to fight for yourself and your mental well being.

Because once you start to change your mind about who you are you and who you aren’t, you will see that your body will start to look different to you. You will notice things about yourself you didn’t notice before. You’ll see your scars as proof of your strength and you wont wish them away anymore.

And once you begin to see yourself differently, you will begin to feel differently.

You will know that you can endure the next hard thing. And that is where so much of your strength comes from.

We need to be mentally strong for ourselves. Not only because we deserve it, but because those around us need it. The world needs who you were made to be.

There are so many of us who have painful pasts and who have no clue where to start. You feel like complete garbage, you cant get your thoughts right, and you feel alone. I know, because that was me not long ago.

I am 6 months in remission to fighting Thyroid cancer and an unbalanced thyroid for over 5 years. I didn’t have any answers from my doctors and they all discriminated against me because of my anxiety and how my body was reacting to what was really going on.

I remember being so scared when i had no answers.

They told me i was fine. And that i needed more medications, which made me feel like i was even more crazy. I had no idea at that time that what i was mentally suppressing. However, my body knew that something was wrong.

I’m so glad that i listened to my body.

We all have the power within us to advocate for ourselves. No matter if anyone believes you. Or if anyone even cares. Every one of us in this world deserves a good life, a strong mind and a strong body.

You just have to believe in yourself and start telling yourself the truth about who you really are. 






Being aware of our emotions means that we are being present with ourselves.

So, if you can admit when you are feeling upset, congratulations, that is a huge step in the direction of overcoming! We all have feelings and emotions that are real.

It’s really about what you do with them and how long you react to them.

Acknowledging what you feel gives you power over the feeling and it will take away the negative effect that it has on you.

Being grateful allows your mind to become more centered, rather than all over the place. Which, with anxiety, it can tend to get quite often.

Meditation has become a tool i practice using just about every day. There are many different types of meditation i like to use varying from deep breathing, EFT tapping, sound therapy, yoga, journal, drawing etc.

The main goal of meditating should be to become centered with how and what you feel. And obviously we want that center to feel good.

Meditation requires being present; which is a skill that not everyone can do right away. That’s why practicing it as much as possible will help you so much more.

So, when you think of meditation in simple terms, it really just means thinking about all that is good and focusing solely on those things.

Whatever brings you feelings of calmness, balance, stillness, and ease. Do more of that.

Creating a strong mind body connection is the greatest way to improve healing

Make the choice for yourself to think different. Choose to change what you focus on and do your best to stop viewing your future through a scope of your past.

Mind over matter is a big deal.

We have the power to literally change the biological processes of our body such as our heart rate, and the way we breathe. Taking control over these few things will empower you to manage your emotions and create a new reality for yourself.

When your emotions are being managed in the best way possible your body will respond and you will naturally start to feel better.

Creating a strong mindset is the best thing you can do for yourself and your body. We want our bodies to be in support of our health and not in support of disease. Its time to give your body what it needs, my friend.

Going to therapy is necessary for so many people. Setting boundaries is necessary in releasing trauma. Being in love with yourself and who you are becoming isn’t selfish.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed of the changes you need to make. Your mind and your body will be so thankful you did. Keep moving forward.

make the choice to think different


trust that it will be good

you are not a product of your past

Thank you for sharing!

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