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I Want To Live Like Jesus Did

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The anxiety that the 2020 election has caused in America has been on another level. If we are called to live like Jesus in times of joy and in times of pain, then what do we need to focus the most on?

Those of us empaths can feel the negative vibes and it’s been quite the challenge keeping a positive attitude.

It’s not like me to argue with people in the comment sections of viral posts, yet lately I have been finding myself in so many “cyber wars”. And it hasn’t been pretty.

People aren’t nice when you don’t agree with them, and honestly, I think we can all be a little guilty of that.

The one common thing that most of us can agree on (hopefully), is that we all want change. We can feel the world shifting and we can feel the change coming but the unknown is scary. Let’s just be honest.

Not knowing where the change is headed causes so much fear and stirs up so much anxiety. We’re all worried about the future of our country.

We’re worried about our children’s future. For some of us, it feels like the work of our ancestors and the loss of so many of our loved ones was done in vain. Some of us are hurting from the direct effects of racism. SO. many. things.

We all feel so much pain right now.

But one thing that I do know for sure is that God is hurting with us. 

The current state of the world with evil on a rampage is exactly the opposite of what God intended. But he hasn’t left our side and he isn’t going to leave our side.

Divide and conquer is the work of the enemy and he’s doing just that right now. I think we can all agree, no matter what “side” that we are on that we can feel how separate we’ve become as a nation.

I see it in churches, in workplaces, in schools, in our government, etc. Most of us don’t even know who or what to trust anymore as sad as it is. It doesn’t feel as united as it should.

We see something we don’t agree with or maybe we don’t quite understand yet and so we want to speak up. And the truth is that we all have a calling that is different from others.

We have different perspectives, different cultures, and different lives in general that make us see the world differently.

There is truth in every one of our experiences. And it doesn’t matter how different your experience may be from someone else’s because regardless, what God has called us ALL to do is to become more like Jesus.

We are called to live a bold life like Jesus did

He already knew we would never be perfect, so don’t think that’s his expectation. But if we can just try everyday to live like Jesus did, I’d say we are on the right track to living a meaningful & purposeful life.

I myself have even wondered if making the choices and efforts to try everyday is enough. But, looking at the character of who Jesus was and who he calls us to be makes it easier to understand and work towards.

Jesus spoke truth.

He spoke truth in everything he did. Regardless of the opposition faced, Jesus was always honest. The amount of followers and friends he had was irrelevant to him. He cared more about the end goal then he did about his current state.

And he was also never willing to let anyone change his mind about the love that God had for him. He hung onto that truth so tightly.

Jesus was bold. 

Jesus was willing to take risks with full confidence. He had no shame in his love for God. The fact that the majority of people didn’t believe him didn’t even phase him. The faith he had made him bold in his belief, no matter what other people said about him.

Jesus had hope.

Knowing that the enemy was against him, knowing that he would suffer, and knowing that he wouldn’t be popular, he never gave up hope in what God would do for him and for the world.

Jesus had compassion. 

Jesus wasn’t a man of sin. He was extremely obedient to what God wanted him to do, and he didn’t judge those who weren’t. He had forgiveness in his heart for those who wronged him and wronged God and he expressed his love and care to others anyways.

Jesus had a servants heart. 

If Jesus was sent to be a servant, why was he tempted in so many ways? Why wouldn’t others just be happy for who Jesus was and let him be?

Because he was always obedient to what God wanted him to do and that’s exactly what makes Satan mad. Jesus served others wherever and whenever he saw a need. He wanted everyone to feel and experience the love of God. So being tempted by the enemy never slowed down his servant’s heart.

Jesus was peaceful. 

Jesus didn’t argue all the times Satan tried to tempt him. He spoke truth with boldness and remained peaceful in his responses. Jesus was bold with peace as his intention.

The enemy is aware of every area in your life that takes away peace and he will always meet you right there. He hides around the corner like a thief in the night waiting to take your peace from you. He wants to take the victory away from God to have it all for himself. (The enemy wants you as bad as God wants you, my friend.)

However, the peace of God provides a guard for the enemy and guides us to the higher places where God is calling us to be. Protect yourself with the peace of God, and be bold in what you want for your life!

Jesus was forgiving. 

Even while bearing the pain on the cross Jesus cried out “God please forgive them, for they do not know any better” referring to every of us. Jesus knew that dying on the cross had to happen in order for him to prove that God was real. Jesus didn’t focus on what they didn’t do, but gave others a way to move forward.

He gave others hope and love, even when they didn’t deserve it.

Knowing these things about Jesus gives a good picture of what God wants for us, too.  The more that we lean into him and into faith, the more peace we have-and the more peace we have the more peace we can give to others. And it creates a ripple effect from there.

It’s important to understand that your positivity and anything good you do will always disrupt the enemy.

The enemy has always been and will always be after the goodness of God.

It’s why I believe so many of us who feel like we are doing our best are feeling so much pressure and anxiety. Satan has us right where he wants us when we are doing the opposite of what God wants us to do.

But we have to keep going. We need to wear the armor of God everyday to guard ourselves from the attacks of the enemy.

Be patient, my friends. We aren’t in this battle alone. God’s plan for Jesus and for us was good even then and it will be forever to come. God’s plan never changes, he is always consistent, and always faithful.

Stay calm and go to what brings you peace when you feel tempted and aware of evil that is around you. Go to what you know is true and permanent.

Remember, we don’t have to have life all figured out and we don’t need all the answers. We need to love others and be who God is calling us to be, the best way we can. Everything else is figured out.

God knew that we would never be JUST like Jesus, but he did know that through Jesus we could find hope and that we can experience the peace that he wants for us. Hang onto Jesus and onto the hope he gives you. 

God’s got this. He’s got the world in the palm of his hands.

And he’s got you.

bold like jesus

god will never leave us

truth doesnt change

ephesians 6:10-19

the enemy is after the goodness of god


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