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How To Live a Life Without Regret

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Do you want to live a life without regret?

Although our pasts tend to haunt us until we heal from them, there are still things we can do to maintain our mental health in the meanwhile.

Actually, i want to share with you what I’ve learned to live a life without regret.

Mindset is the biggest key to living a fulfilling life, especially in the season of motherhood.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but it can be done if you are willing to put in the work.

  • Be authentic

What i mean by this is to not live your life based on what other people think about you. Live a life that feels true to who you are and what god wants for you. Trying to keep up with other peoples expectations of you is not only exhausting, but it is impossible to ever make those people happy. Do what you need to do to live the life that YOU want to live.

  • Accept your failures and celebrate your victories

There are things that all of us in this world wish that we could take back. But the truth is that the past cannot be changed and what has been done, is done. Accept the things that have already happened and focus on what you can do to heal and move forward from them. Living a life full of regret can leave you feeling pinned to a corner. You deserve a release from that.

  • Stay true to your goals and dreams

Remember the dreams you had as a young child and how possible they felt? That child like faith gets robbed from us in broad daylight from the fears that haunt us. Those goals and dreams you have were given to you for a reason, because they are yours.

  • Surround yourself with loving and supportive people

Having a negative influence in your life when you are trying to live a life full of positive vibes is really a buzzkill. Not only does it also bring your mood way down, but it can have a severe impact on the choices you make. Make sure that the people you are surrounding yourself with have good intentions, are receptive to your feelings, and who reciprocate love and respect.

  • Have a grateful heart

Someone stole from you? Anger. Someone lied? Disgust. I get it, when yucky things happen to us, its easy to focus on the negative but the problem is that after awhile, it heavily consumes us. I’m not saying you have to be grateful that someone has wronged you or that something didn’t go the way you wanted it to. All i’m saying is that when you can focus on grace rather than resentment, your heart will feel so much better. You don’t have to keep accepting the bad things that happen, but you can learn something from them.

  • Always look for the positive

I get it, when we make a poor choice or when we get fired from a job its easy to automatically place the blame on ourselves. When we focus on situations like this, all we see is the negative and moving on without regret can seem impossible. Look for the things in your life that you can be grateful for and write them down if you need to. Remind yourself of the good things in your life.

  • Be accepting of change and find the good in it

No matter how big or small the change may be, its hard. Getting out of our comfort zone isn’t necessarily a warming experience. In fact, it almost always feels like you are being thrown straight into the deep end, in freezing cold water. And it gets a big uncomfortable to say the least. The only way out is to accept that you are there. With accepting that change, you can now focus on what to do next.

  • Don’t Settle for less than what you deserve

When all you have witnessed are broken relationships and toxic love, you start to believe that its what you deserve as well. However, you do not deserve to be anything less than happy. No matter what. No if, and’s, or buts about it. If you know that you deserve better, i encourage you to demand it.

  • Be present

The past has been done and the future hasn’t even happened yet. You, or i, or anyone else, has control over whats been done and whats going to happen when it hasn’t happened yet. The only thing that we can control is the now. We can control our surroundings, our attitude, our goals, and our dreams. So right now, do what you have to do. That is all you can do. To live life in the present, you must let go of regret.

  • Stop comparing your life to others

There is not one person in this life that can do life like you can. No one knows what its like to be you, to feel the way that you do, and to live the life you are living. And same goes for everyone else. The people whom we find ourselves comparing to, they have lives that we know nothing about. You never truly know what someone is struggling with no matter how they portray themselves. Quit comparing yourself to others. God made you YOU, and you are perfect the way you are!

Setting goals is the catalyst to moving forward. Most importantly, our minds need something to focus on and to work towards.

When we aren’t giving that end goal to ourselves, it allows so many other unwanted thoughts to creep in. When we focus on something that we want and have faith that it will happen, we are more willing to put in the work to get there. Lastly,

  • Recognize that you are good enough no matter what.

In conclusion, realizing that you are good enough can take a lot of work to get there. When you have been beat down so much in your life, its hard to focus on anything but regret. What you have to remember is that there is and only ever will be one you. That is it.

You were put on this earth and in this place for a reason and there are things in this life that only you will be able to do.

Who knows what it is that God sent us here to do. But the only way to find that out is to stay true to who you are, who He made you to be.

You have a purpose and it is directly tied into what you are passionate about.

You are meant to live a fulfilling life. It’s time to recognize that you are good enough for your goals and dreams.

We are the change that we need to truly live a life without regret. Even though it may not seem like it right now in whatever season you are in; you got this.

I have faith in you. Now its time to put your faith in action 🙂

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