letting go of what other people think

Letting Go Of What Other People Think

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I worry way too much about what other people think.

It’s the truth & i gotta be honest with you guys. For as long as i can remember, i have felt a constant worry of what other people think of me.

And it has taken so much joy from my life. At times i have even changed who i am to fit the expectations of others.

No matter how much other peoples opinions of me are none of my business, it’s still hard to not think about.

As much as i hate to admit it, it’s also been the main reason why i struggle so much with my goals & the things i really want to do, including writing these blog posts.

I’ve referred to it before as a strive for perfection.

Which can be led to a life full of shame, overthinking, self sabotaging, people-pleasing, and being an over-achiever in procrastination; if you choose to let them.

I still struggle most days, but the closer i get in touch with who i am & with God, i get so much better at letting the fear of judgement go.

Worrying about what other people think is one of the hardest things to let go of.

& it takes daily practice. Because lets face it, we’re all human and we all have emotions. But for those of us who have had a childhood trying to earn the acceptance of others, it can take more time and more work sorting out those emotions.

But our inner child deserves to be free.

The full truth is that none of us will ever be perfect. Yet, we still stress so much about our failures, the chaos in our life, and then we worry what people will think.

In my own experience, when i choose to let other peoples opinions effect my mindset i get further and further away from who i really am. & it’s really not a comfortable place to be. 

Once the walls go up, you become full of insecurity and expectations and it becomes 10X harder to break them down.

Over the years of being wife and a first time mom, i have battled anxiety on an entire new level. And with every new situation, I’ve felt a strong nudge to focus on my own mindset more so than the judgement of others.

First, what i have learned the most is that being your true and authentic self is the best thing you can do to overcome the constant worry of what other people think. Be comfortable and accept who God made you to be.

Secondly, what you focus on the most you actually do end up attracting. Which is why affirmations and the way you speak to yourself is so dang important.

There comes a time (or 100) in every one of our lives where we experience failure. & we have to make the choice every single day whether we are going to take a lesson or let that failure control our negative thoughts.

We need to remember that each one of us have gifts that are specific to who we are as individuals.

It’s so important to who we are that we don’t ignore that part of us.

In the past, you may have been beaten down and silenced because of those things. But, i hope you know the truth and i hope it sticks with you.

The truth is that those parts of you will always be there & those are actually the best parts about you! Hurt people hurt people, so whatever was projected onto you was never really about you in the first place.

The more that you choose to accept who you are, you become even more happy & even more confident.

Advocate for your own happiness.

Having lived through a past full of shame myself, this mindset transformation has been life changing and totally worth the work it takes.

I’ve learned through all the hardships and bad situations we go through we actually become more clear on our vision, our purpose, and what we really want in life.

It’s important to know that where you are now is not where you will always be. Even when you are in the trenches of motherhood & getting out is all you can think about.

Every day is a new day to try something new or to try again & you get to make that choice.

So be excited about what is actually possible for you and your family! At the end of the day, our kids & our loved ones just want us to be happy. & we want them to be happy too, right? That is why the best work we can truly ever do is to work on ourselves.

We were made for so much more than fighting to keep up with the standards of society and what they think us women and moms should or shouldn’t be.

How we see ourselves is more important than what other people see in us. I say that it’s time you see and accept yourself for who you really are.

So how do you let go of the worry of what other people think?

You may be wondering, like me, if it’s even possible. I’m not sure if it is or not, because to be honest with you there is always a time in every day where the worries of what someone else may be thinking come. A simple mindset shift is the most effective approach.

You can care about what other people feel without feeling the need to worry or questioning who you are.

Because their opinion is a reflection of their current state, not yours. & vice versa. Assume that everyone is doing their best and do your best to let go of everything else.

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Forgive yourself & let go of any resentment you feel towards yourself or others.
  • Stay focused on living in the present but don’t give up on your dreams.
  • Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend.
  • Focus on what truly matters in the moment.

I understand that it hurts to know someone doesn’t like you. But its OK. You and i were not put on this earth to please every person. And its actually quite impossible.

There comes a time when you have to do what is best for you. It takes time and practice to develop a new way of thinking but with grace for yourself it is possible.

  • Accept who you were made to be and be OK with wanting more.
  • Choose gratitude every day.
  • Surround yourself with people who see the best in you and encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone.
  • Create healthy boundaries for yourself and your family.
  • Let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Choose to not pay attention to what isn’t real or isn’t true.
  • Remind yourself that you are NOT your thoughts.

Our mind is a powerful tool that can be used to build us up as quick as it can tear us down. Be mindful of what thoughts you cater to.

  • Understand that your words hold a ton of power so speak kindly to yourself & others.
  • Keep a healthy balance between your mind, body, and soul.

Take care of your soul as much as you take care of your mind and take care of your mind as much as you take care of your body.

Mind, body, & soul are all 3 as equally essential as the other. & when they are working together in unison, you become your best self.

Not perfection, but progress is the goal.

Dream big.

Dreaming gives us a reason to keep looking forward and to pull us out of dark places we tend to get stuck in and they remind us that the current situation we are in is temporary.

Our dreams are powerful and give us the motivation to keep moving forward.

You are worth all the things you desire, no matter what other people think!!

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Thank you for sharing!


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Thank you for your feedback! I hope all is well with you!!


    • Courtney Ferguson

      I am so glad that it could help you. Thank you so much for the feedback. Please know you are never alone, and you can reach out to me anytime on here. I hope you are well, sweet friend. xo


  1. It takes a lot of practice to get into a point where people’s opinion doesn’t effect you anymore! Very good tips I must say! 💞


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Yea, it really does! The work is always worth it for sure. Thank you so much for your feedback, i hope you are well! xo


    • Courtney Ferguson

      I really appreciate your feedback, thank you!! I hope you are well. xo


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