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Learning To Love Who You Are

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She came from a place of self hate, hopeless dreams and empty promises. Carrying her story with a sorry and smiles until she one day realized she no longer had anything to be sorry about.

That smile she was wearing was like a band-aid covering up everything that broke her down to right where she was in that very moment.

Learning to love who she was was a process she knew she was ready for.

Praying hard everyday for something to wake her up from the nightmare she was living in; and then one day she did.

She began to look at her experiences as a way to give to this world and not to take, and she discovered new ways to help those around her. It was no longer a challenge to accept her hardships and rise above them.

She looked at herself as an equal to the others around her and no longer felt accustomed to what everyone else thought was right for her.

Validation was something she stopped searching and her worth came from God and no longer from other people.

Starting to love who she was, she began to recognize herself from the inside out.

She is growing. 

Now, she no longer bows down to bullshit and she now speaks where she never would before; breaking down walls of intimidation, disloyalty, hurt, dishonesty, and shame.

Learning that losing people and certain things are necessary stepping stones in every chapter of life, and she began to love the process.

Because she thrives off of smiles, quiet time when she needs it, hugs, and, compassionate people; Materialistic items are no longer what she is searching for.

Loving is and always will be first nature for her.

She has become a woman of her own, that girl.

And that girl is me.

love who you are

Thank you for sharing!

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