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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Thank you for sharing!

Searching for last minute gift ideas can end up being extremely stressful.

And it should never be that way! Make it simple and give a gift from the heart; something that will truly make someone feel good. Sometimes that is all we really need.

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

Looking to give a gift of a little therapy? There is so much to be said about the healing benefits of Himalayan sea salt besides just whats written here. We have had a small little basket lamp full of these salt rocks sitting on our counter for the past 8 years. And after doing a little research myself i learned they are much more therapeutic and purposeful than so many of us think! The salt provides benefits to the body, especially when inhaled, ingested or heated. It has scientifically been proven to be naturally antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. That’s a gift anyone would want!

Inspirational Mugs

Who wouldn’t love a pretty mug for a gift?! I’m not sure about you, but i drink at least one cup of ‘something’ out of a mug–everyday! My most favorite mugs that i have ( and i have a lot), are my inspirational mugs. And a few of them have even been gifts given. Sometimes all it takes is a small quote or reminder to pick myself up on a bad day. I’m a total mush like that:)

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m not sure if there is a home that doesn’t have a want or need for one of these! Diffusers make an awesome gift idea for anyone who uses essential oils on a regular basis. Diffusing oils is an awesome way to get good use out of your oils because they spread vastly. Plus, it helps to keep a relaxing vibe in your home! This is the perfect gift for moms, babies, and anyone who works in an office or small building!  

A Comforting Cookbook

  1. Who doesn’t love food? and 2. Who doesn’t love comfort food? Cookbooks are a great idea for a gift to give, especially when involving comfort food! The Pioneer Woman cookbooks are a personal favorite of mine. All my family really likes to eat now are recipes from her books! I’m not sure i have tried one recipe of hers that wasn’t good enough to make again. This is the perfect gift for any one who loves to take that extra time out of a busy day to cook a yummy and meaningful meal! 

Amazon Gift Card

Lets simplify gift giving here. We all love giving and getting gifts, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect one. Amazon is amazing and if you haven’t already been using it, your totally missing out. Not only can you get pretty much anything you want or need shipped to your door ( i ordered my wedding dress from amazon!), but they usually get to you pretty dang fast. A gift card is always a good idea! 

Inspirational Books

Reading used to be something i would never do.  Same thing goes for writing. I never used to write much either. But, here we are, things change and now i do A LOT of both! Reading anything inspirational is enough for me to kick me in the butt when i am feeling down. Its why reading through blogs on Pinterest was and still is my go to when i am looking for someone to relate with me. I have a laundry list of inspirational reads that have inspired me that i could give you all, Maybe once i get a few requests, i’ll do it;) But to me, an inspirational book is the perfect gift for anyone because who is going through “something”. After all, aren’t we all? 

Adult Coloring Book 

This is a gift idea that i chose straight from my own heart. The book of Psalms is an extremely comforting book in the bible that is full of encouragement, inspiration, and hope. Coloring can be a therapeutic way to release your stress and anxiety and also gives a perfect excuse to escape from a stressful day! Perfect gift for any young adult or adult who enjoys coloring, and enjoys reading scripture! Plus, there are so many different themes you can get you don’t have to choose just this one. 

Weighted Lap Pad/Pillow 

Sootheze are awesome 2-lb weighted pillows that can be used to heat up to assist in calming, or froze to soothe and cool. These have the same concept as a weighted blanket, but not only can weighted blankets be an expensive gift to give, these little pillows are something i would much rather prefer! They are perfect for kids of all ages, or adults, too! This could be an awesome gift for anyone suffering from anxiety, ADHD, or any other sensory disorder. Sootheze is used by hundreds of Therapists and teachers around the US. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl

This makes an awesome gift for those like me who enjoy and truly benefit from meditation. The sound of Tibetan bowls is and, has always been extremely comforting to me and what i always go to when i log in to Insight Timer. This gift is also made my a small family run business which i personally have a soft spot for. Always support family owned businesses! Right now this gift is almost half off the price for this Christmas! 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I shockingly chose headphones to add to the list because until i started suffering from panic attacks, i never used to use them or have a need for them. Now that i have a big family and a smaller house and my attacks always come in the night time or early morning, i try to be as quite as i can be when listening to meditation. Doing a little bit of research i found these have pretty impressive sound quality for the cost, built in mic, hand free call, memory foam ear cushions (which are comforting), it also has two settings. These bad boys can be both wireless for up to 20 hours of music/ talking time or wired with the provided audio cable so they won’t power off. 

What do you think? I hope you found some inspiration in this post for your next gift giving experience 😉

Thank you for sharing!

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