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It’s OK To Talk About The Hard Things

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It took me years to talk about what was really wrong with my life. It wasn’t because of an ego or because i am ‘too’ proud of myself or anything like that. I was afraid to talk about hard things because i knew i would be looked at differently.

& i was completely right.

Ever since i started openly talking about the hard things in my life on social media, more & more rumors have started about me. For awhile i didn’t care as much, because most of the people who say anything negative have no clue who i am or what I’ve really gone through.

So, i do my best to not let those things get to me.

It’s when you have people in your life like family you don’t even associate with, or a ‘friend’ that starts becoming one of those people.

Those people that talk badly about you behind your back. & pretend they don’t have a problem with you to your face.

Who spread lies about things they’ve heard, or what they assume they know. They may manipulate you and try to make you think one thing when its clear their actions tell another.

Most people like to think they have the answers that you have already been searching so hard for.

Those that aren’t for you choose to listen to those that wish ill will upon you rather than seeking information from a credible source like yourself ( ya know, the one living through it), before placing harsh judgments.

That’s when those feelings of not caring turn into something you don’t want to feel.

That is exactly what keeps people so isolated. And the saddest part is that all along you have been all alone suffering anyways.

I’m here to tell you that no matter how others may make you feel, that its OK to talk about the hard things.

When you do, you may realize quickly that society is lacking support, compassion, and empathy. You may expect to receive support from the people around you, but you may quickly find out the opposite.

A lot of times we expect for others to just know what were going through and to understand the aches in our heart. But that’s just not realistic all the time.

Not everyone is going to agree with you or the way you are living your life. People will pick apart every single thing they can about you or try to make you feel less than. Some people are so miserable that they feed off of other peoples problems and they thrive on making them bigger.

There are still good people in this world who will listen & who will care.

That’s why its so important to just keep being yourself anyways. To keep shining. Keep loving. And to continue fighting for yourself. Regardless of what people may say and/or do.

Its not only vital to living a happier life, but its so important to your well being.

Every single person on this earth deserves the right to speak up for themselves. To fight like hell for themselves and those they love. & to raise awareness about things that matter to them.

Regardless if others choose to look at you differently, or if they think this, that, or the other.

You know the truth and whats real, so hold onto that & use it as your power to keep going.

At first, you may face a ton of opposition, however shortly you will begin to attract those to you that understand you, love you, and respect you.

Although you will still be faced with hardships, you will soon be able to see yourself as worthy. & anything that anyone says to tear you down will no longer get to you the way that it used to.

Talking about the hard things is what encourages growth from within and what helps create real change in the world around you.

I hope you keep fighting like hell for the things you care deeply about. I hope you know that its OK to be different. & its OK to stand out from the crowd.

You are the change. Keep being every bit of who you are.

This world needs you & I, and the fight we have within us.

hard things


meant for you

choose to rise

its ok

Thank you for sharing!

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