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How To Increase Energy Quickly

Thank you for sharing!

We all find ourselves in times of disarray. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have crappy days that just feel, meh.

& we all find ourselves searching for something, like a quick fix, to make us feel better.

My idea of self care varies depending upon the situation & day; its always changing but there are a few things i do that stay consistent.

An important concept to understand is that there are consequences to every decision we make & action that we take.

Some look at this as “karma”, or law of attraction, but whatever you call it, i believe in it. I also believe that we can increase the energy around us as quickly as we can turn it into negativity.

It just so happens that it’s when our energy is low that we struggle the most. 

So protecting our energy is very important. 

What I’ve learned over time and i think is important to share are effective tips to quickly hack into positive energy a higher sense of yourself

And how to quickly produce and increase more energy mentally, physically, and emotionally.

All the important stuff 🙂

The truth is that our higher self is directly related to the energy we solely produce & put into the world. Picture a boomerang effect when it comes to energy. You get what you give, essentially. Wouldn’t any one of us want to increase it?

That’s why its so important to work on yourself, and to live as positive of a life as a you can. Its not just to serve those around you, but its ultimately to give you a better life.

First things first

  • Become aware with how you are feeling.

Feel the feelings, accept them, and then move forward from them. Its completely normal to have the feelings that you do, even when they are negative. Don’t beat yourself up for them being there because that’s not going to get far, and your feelings are out of your control. Accept that the feelings are real and valid, recognize them for what that they are, where they come from, and then move forward from them. 

  • Listen to a mentally boosting podcast, a YouTube video, or something inspirational. 

I have so many resources that i personally use that i could literally write an entire post just on that alone. Some of my favorites lately have been on Netflix. I loved the Tony Robbins special titled ” I’m not your Guru”, and also Brene Brown titles “the call to Courage”.

All of Rachel Hollis podcasts, to Gary Vaynerchuk who is extremely realistic and inspiring, and i also follow influential people on Instagram that get me pumped up and help me increase my energy quickly.

I really believe this makes a big difference in my day to day.

  • Listening to sound and/or music that soothes the soul.

I like to listen to sound therapy as well as all sorts of different music, usually whatever my heart is feeling. Dance if you feel like it. Go with the flow of your body and dance as silly or as serious as you want, just have fun! Live like a child for two minutes. I promise it wont hurt you! 🙂

  • Cleaning/ organizing something or a space you use or see frequently. 

I’m not sure if your aware of it yet are not, but when your surroundings are unorganized its hard to focus on the task at hand. Increase your energy quickly by cleaning your space around you and organizing things you use on a daily basis to limit one less stress that comes across your mind. Every little bit helps.

  • Volunteer your time to help someone else.

When we begin focusing on ourselves and our future it can become really easy to quickly forget about other peoples needs around you. We are all guilty of this at some degree. Our egos like to tell us we don’t have time for others, when helping others is one of the key parts of building up a sense of higher self. When we build up our higher self our energy instantly increases.

  • Separating from social media for at least an hour a day.

You may not even think you spend a lot of time on social media. However, when you intentionally separate yourself from it, you will realize the benefit it can have on your day. This can be the time you create for yourself!

  • Journal & Affirmations

Writing how the day went in a notebook or somewhere safe is a healthy way of releasing the bogged up things that we think about all day and night long. Whether you like to write or not, i highly encourage everyone to do this as often as they see fit. Also, at the end of every journal entry make it a point to write down at least one positive affirmation and say it to yourself before you go to bed.

Its important to create and increase the energy around you even before you go to bed. You will notice a big difference in how you feel in the morning starting your day the next day!

  • Reach out to a mentor or someone you look up to and respect.

Its not unhealthy to ask for help and it doesn’t make you look like you don’t know what your doing. There is so much grace that is found in reaching out to someone that you look up to. Don’t be too proud to say “is there anything im doing that you think i could be doing better, and how?”

  • Practice deep breathing & meditation.

Visualize a different reality for yourself. Start by making a vision board or creating a list of all of the positive things that you see for yourself in your future. Once you can visualize what it is that you want, start affirming it. To help relax your mind and kick start this creative thinking, practice deep breathing.

My favorite technique to calm myself down is: cover one nostril & breath all the way in through the nose with the one nostril that’s open, & once the breath is all the way in, hold it for 3 seconds, plug the opposite nostril, & breath out slowly through the other nostril.

This can be repeated as many times until you feel good & relaxed.

  • Treat yourself specifically to something you don’t typically find time for.

I understand the excuses will come. But listen friend, no excuses, make time for it. Whether it be putting the kids to bed early to take a hot bath, enjoy a podcast, or complete silence. Maybe its treating yourself to a yummy treat that you don’t eat often. You deserve to be treated, and to not feel guilty about it.

No matter where you are at in life trust that the road you are on is serving you for a higher purpose.

The bible tells us over and over to trust in God, and to not lean on ourselves. We are reminded more than once that with him ANYTHING is possible which to me means that anything you can imagine, can be possible when you believe in what you’re doing.

This reassures that we really CAN create the life we want by having faith and manifesting something greater than we can imagine. Make sure to use the energy that you create for your good!

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Thank you for sharing!


  1. Great post and very useful tips! I tend to find that cleaning up and organising helps boost my energy too!x


    • Courtney Ferguson

      For sure! Thank you for the feedback, i really appreciate it!


    • Courtney Ferguson

      Thank you! I’m glad im not alone!! Hope you are well. xo


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