I am “that” mom..

Thank you for sharing!

I am that mom with the wild kids.

The mom who questions, but never doubts and the one who skips bath night every now and then.

I am the mom who will do everything I can to protect my children whether that be yelling at someone else i love or loving something i used to hate.

This is the breastfeeding mom. The mom with empathy.

I am the mom who loves most people and who sometimes fails to meet her own expectations.
I’m the mom who gets angry at times and the one who wants the best for my kids.

This mom instigates silly time when necessary.

She is absolutely head over heels in love with the father to her kids.

I am the mom who fails Pinterest on the regular and the mom who is sometimes late, okay who am I kidding mostly all of the time late. Late all the time.

I’m the mom who answers “mhm” and “ok” a million times a day just to try to acknowledge every little thing my quickly learning and growing 5 and 3 year old has to say–even when it makes absolutely no sense.
This mama allows candy and screen time because well, your only a kid once!

I’m the mom whotries to do it all yet fails daily.

The mom who totally believes in the cry it out method, of course only when necessary.

I am the mom who has slept in dirty sheets and the one who’s totally cool with McDonald’s drive thru for a quick meal every now and again.

The mom who yells, but loves hard. I am the protective mom.
who tries to cook healthy meals for her family and praying they enjoy it, but rarely do.

Also, i’m the mom that overthinks EVERYTHING.

I am the mom who fights with herself on a daily about how much better she could be doing and the mom who craves new friendships, but hides behind the fear of judgement.

Who loves trips to the store alone, no matter what it’s for.

I am the mom who wants my children to know Jesus because of her own saving grace.
The mom who finds her worthiness in her children.

I am the mom who lets her kids get a little out of control sometimes. Because really, how short is life?!

I am that mom who wants to succeed so she will do all she can to.

I’m the mom with constant anxiety.

I am the mom who cries herself to sleep after discipline that needed to take place: I hate those days more then they do.

This is the mom whose soul survives on the lyrics of the music she listens to and the mom who will probably always feel like I am never enough no matter how hard I try to tell myself I am.

I am the mom who struggles with OCD but whose tired of keeping up with it.
I’m the mom who doesn’t always eat and also the one who runs on coffee!

I am the mom who wants her children to make messes, but expects them to clean up after themselves.

I am the protective mom.

I am the mom who teaches her kids that life is not fair and the one that encourages adventures.

I am the mom who wakes up every day and gets out of bed no matter how bad she feels.

Who does her best to not judge others.
I am the mom who is just doing her best.

I am the mom with a past of secrets who has taken 25 years to even begin to find herself but I am the mom that will never give up.

I am the imperfect mom. I am her, I am that mom. And I am learning to love her despite the negatives.

I am the mom who won’t stop trying.

This i know now, that know matter how hard i will try that it will be OK.

And so will you, mama.

Thank you for sharing!

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