How To Know If You Are A Strong Woman

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Some women flaunt the best part about themselves which I have no shame in— do ya thang girl!

But, some of us women don’t like to or know how to give ourselves credit where it’s due.

So let me lay it out for those of you ladies with my 5 reasons why i feel like females are stronger than most think.

The number one thing that we do, is that we keep going until we get the job done and that’s a huge quality In itself: determination.

So kudos, cheers, and more kudos to you.

But first, some things that set us apart:

We don’t take sh*t from anybody.

I would say it’s because of our own instincts that we have and how in time we our with our bodies. When it comes to reaching goals, overcoming a certain fear, running a business, leaving an abusive relationship, losing a job or a home. We know what we want, and we don’t and won’t stop until we get it.

Tactfully and respectfully, as best as we can anyways. 🙂

No matter the difficulty and even when life is going good, we never stop pushing towards doing and being better.

Good job, ladies. You make the world better.

We have an insane amount of ability to multi task!

No matter what it is that a woman is doing, she is also doing several other things at the same time.

Like not even just 2 or 3 things at once, a lot of times us women can handle 10 different things at once. Doesn’t mean we don’t deal with a ton of stress because of it, but we usually do and we rock it!

Regardless of who or what may be damaged along the way! 😉

Upon already a million and one things to do everyday to take care of the people in our lives. We always find a way to care for and love for our friends and family like none other.

Our ability to withhold and enjoy steaming hot showers. 

Yep you heard me, men— you can’t hang.

I like my baths and my showers red hot; Lobster baths I like to call them. Something about extremely hot water that satisfies me all the way down to my soul. And i know plenty of other women who do too, but not by surprise not many men;)

Some men may think or tell you that you are straight from Satan yourself when they step foot into your shower. But, they just don’t know what’s truly good for them.

Our intuitions are what guides us.

Strong women don’t always have to play by the rules. We believe in them, but we also have this fighting urge to listen to our guts. Not only that but we have the ability to mask our inabilities and weaknesses when necessary.  No matter what the situation or the hardship, a lot of us women are able to play off a lot more than you really think.

Listening to and taking care of as many of other people’s problems as we can, all while obtaining our own happiness as best as we can is a definite strength for us mamas.

Life is hard, and it can sometimes be vital to know that you aren’t alone. Fitting in is all fine and dandy most times, but it can leave you feeling alone. Don’t do that to yourself.

Find other women that get you, encourage you, and uplift you to do better! Be open to new things! If your up for some tips on how to stabilize your anxiety better check out my post on How to kick your anxiety to the curb! You won’t regret it!

We rock what we got.

There’s something about a woman who cultivate a life that she actually enjoys living. You exude SO much confidence and strength that is impossible not to respect when you live for yourself.

We are moms, wives, friends, sisters, daughters, and most of all we are listeners. Ok, there’s a lot of talking involved, too.

Sure we all have our days where venting and relaxing a little makes it all seem easier and we will totally rock those days too; but we always manage to get right back up from where we left off before with nothing but confidence and peace in the past to move forward!

Living in a healthy rhythm is all about moving in a way that works best for you, and I feel like we don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes for just how well we really do manage that.

Oh ya, just in case your wondering— These bad ass women I speak of, are most of us women.

We are far from perfect, we are action takers, adventure seekers, and risk takers.

We make big mistakes, we make small mistakes, but we learn from them all and they all equally make us better.

Dealing with the monthly crimson tide is enough, which sadly doesn’t even come close to all of the hormones that go along with it– and to deal with it with class. Pshhh to think that this is just the bare minimum of what we deal with as women…

Do you think men could really deal with being us? I don’t think so.

So ladies, take a chill pill and take a moment to realize just how bad-A you truly are!

Love, Mama In Grace

Thank you for sharing!

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