God doesnt waste anything

Nothing Is Wasted In God’s Provision

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Thinking of the phrasewaste not, want not, we often think of how important it is to not be wasteful in our everyday lives. But, do you believe that God doesnt waste anything?

God is incredibly intentional with His plans and His use of resources.

Throughout the Bible, we can see that God does not waste a thing. From the creation of the world, to the life of Jesus, to the lives of His people, God makes sure that nothing is forgotten or tossed to the side.

No matter what happened or did not happen this year, God doesn’t waste a thing!


You are right on time for where you are meant to be.


I really feel like someone needs to hear that right now, especially in the midst of New Years resolutions.

Sometimes the end of the year just doesn’t feel as great as it does for others.

Sometimes it’s just a reminder of all that we didn’t do. 

But i want to remind you that you are right where need to be. 

When you feel discouraged remember that you are of most use exactly where you are rather than where you are not.

Just because the dream you have didn’t happen doesn’t mean its not going to! Maybe it’s already happening in a way that you didn’t prepare for?

We can become so focused on the arrival, that we aren’t truly enjoying the journey. We aren’t making space for the pain, the joy, and those moments in between. 

But guess what? 

God doesn’t waste a thing!

Looking at the life of Jesus, we can see that God uses every moment for His glory.

Jesus was born the Son of God and was rejected by many on earth. But, Jesus used these moments in His life to accomplish Gods will. He used His time on earth to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and preach good news. Nothing was wasted.

He doesn’t waste anything in those in-between moments in your life where it feels like nothing is happening. 

The places He has brought you through this year have all been stepping stones for the fruit He’s producing inside of you. It’s ok that there has been days that haven’t felt as normal as others. 

Just because there are growing pains and days of darkness does not mean that you wont reach your breakthrough. So don’t be discouraged! 

In new and healthy growth, roots require compost, water, and air.

Do you know what compost actually requires?

Compost, by definition, is the the natural process to break down organic matter.

In other words, it’s the breaking and the crushing of old nutrients which creates new nutrients for new seeds to grow and existing seeds to keep growing! 

Literally nothing is wasted.

What you have been dealing with this year that has been trying to bury you is for a greater purpose!

The crushing and the breaking is creating something new deep within you. 

You are composting your life which involves the breaking and crushing of old ways and old patterns. Some that you have held on to for comfort throughout the years but have been secretly draining you more.

However, i feel the Lord saying to not grow tired and weary of the breaking and the pruning. 

These drying out and crushed fruits are feeding the soil that is your current environment! 

And if you keep feeding your life with the living water which is the truth of God, there will be new roots created in this new composted soil that will nurture you and your bloodline for generations!

Of course these things take time, how could you expect yourself to accomplish so much in a year? 

The process of new growth is really the bulk of the goal. 

It’s in this process where things are changed, refined, and sharpened. 

We become so many versions of ourselves in the midst of unraveling who we once thought we were, and the life we knew.

With so much confusion in our identity, it becomes essential to build on the truth of who God says we are with an authority and a firm belief! 

If we ever want to reach the destination of peace that He has prepared for us we have to just keep moving forward. Even when it feels pointless. 

God doesn’t waste the mistakes you’ve made! And He doesn’t waste the chances you didn’t take.

He uses the lives of His people to carry out His plans.

That includes moments of pain, suffering, and joy, all to create something beautiful and meaningful. He uses our lives to show us His love and to bring glory to His name.

God can and will redeem every broken road you take yourself on! He does His best work and He makes a new way! 

It takes pressure to produce a diamond. And it takes spoiling and crushing to produce compost. 

Even in the middle of the crushing, He steps in and gives us His strength. And even when things look like they are ending, He is doing something new. 

Maybe this year wasn’t about reaching those big goals that are on your vision board. At the end of the day it isn’t about where we desire to go and what we desire to do but what we do in the here and the now. 

It’s about the mindsets that are changing, the people we are nurturing, and the seeds we are planting in the middle of our pruning. 

Our creator doesn’t waste a thing. 

Don’t get so caught up in looking back over the year to see what you have accomplished. 

And don’t let your focus become all about what you can accomplish in the next year either. 

Rejoice for where you are and where you aren’t! Look at how far you’ve come and what you have learned over the months that you would have never learned otherwise. 

Celebrate the good things you have already done and how you have made space for everlasting change.

We can trust that God is never wasteful and that He always has a plan.

You are right on time! Nothing in your life is being wasted! 

Give thanks to the Lord that you aren’t in the same place that you used to be!

Give thanks to God for taking what feels like nothing and turning it into something! 

Thank God that He doesn’t waste a single thing! 


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