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Faith Over Fear Is A Powerful Choice

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Fear has won its place in the front seat of my faith journey for far too long.

The past 4 years have been one hell of a roller coaster for me.

I know I have been talking about this a lot; but, I never realized the amount faith that I actually hang onto and at the same time just how quickly that faith can go away and turn into fear.

Yesterday I found out some pretty upsetting news.

I had a feeling years ago that something was really wrong with the pain I was having but i had been convinced I was fine. Even though I knew it, I was basically told to not listen to myself.. and I listened. I found out that in the end of it all that I was right.

Some of my biggest fears are in front of me & faith is harder to find.

Yesterday I had a break down. For being so positive recently, I for some reason could only think about all of the negative things.

It’s crazy how life seems to work that way. My life boat gets to smooth sailing for awhile and then a massive wave comes to take over. Or something else seems to get in the way.

Fear is trying to win its place in my life again.

The endless sobbing last night drained me pretty well, and maybe that’s what I needed. I woke up and decided today that I won’t let it win.

After 4 years of dealing with panic attacks and dealing with severe pain in my back, the doctors have said all along that it was related to my anxiety and never looked further into it. They removed my gall bladder thinking it would help, and it never did.

I have been having this really bad pain that literally felt like someone was stabbing me in my spine right behind my stomach and twisting it separating my vertebrae.

That’s the best description I can think of–just super painful.

Well after giving birth 4 months ago to my third child, the pain has continued to get bad enough that it has been debilitating me physically.

I haven’t been able to do half of what I did before without being in spasms. I requested an MRI and was referred to a neurologist who informed me this last Monday that they found a tumor in my spine, directly where all of the pain has been to begin with.

It was many emotions I felt, mainly being fear.

Fear has been like a monkey on my back. During this process of grief that I have been experiencing my mindset has changed.

I realize that i have to allow myself bad days. Bad days are normal and they are inevitable. However, i never want to unpack and live there.

Regardless if the doctors want to tell me that my pain is illegitimate to the tumor and that I am fine, I know that i will get an answer.

I will always advocate for myself 100%.

What a life lesson it has been. By sharing my story, I hope others can realize just how important it is to advocate for themselves, too.

I can choose to be fearful and keep thinking of all of the “what if’s” in my future and for my kids future. Or, i can choose to be present & hopeful regardless of what may happen in the future.

The thoughts I was having last night were dragging me completely down.

It wasn’t until I stopped to realize what my kids must be thinking is wrong with me, then my mindset started to change. I  asked myself what good are these thoughts doing me or anyone else around me?

Negativity breeds negativity!

Its important to put myself in the mind set that everything will just be okay.

I truly believe that god doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

Of course it’s hard to see that while your going through a ton of crap at once. I understand that it’s always easier said than done.

But, once you get through it all you realize the strength that’s there. And maybe never realized it was ever there before.

When something negative happens in life the main goal is always to just get through it.

We cant always plan for moments of fear because it always sneaks up when we are most vulnerable. But faith is something we can practice and train ourselves for every day.

Faith is what moves us forward in the direction we ultimately want to go.

Whether your faith is in God or not, when something goes wrong in your life it is the default reaction of our brain to have doubt and fear.

It’s OK to have these moments. Always allow yourself the feelings you are feeling. Just don’t let them control you.

Don’t lose faith in what will be.

Stay true to yourself and what you believe no matter others opinions or what they think. If you feel strongly about something so much that it’s not getting off your mind no matter what you do, address it.

The most valuable and reliable resource we automatically are born with is our intuition.

I feel like we have that intuition for a reason, so many out there are so busy with life that they don’t hear it and others just ignore it thinking they may sound unreasonable if they acknowledged it. 9/10 that is not the case.

Stand your ground and stand firm in what you believe. No matter what or who is in your way telling you your wrong.

Remember that It’s not about what anyone thinks about you, it’s how you feel on the inside. My biggest failures in life are knowing I never tried and I won’t let that stop me anymore.

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ -Jeremiah 29:11

Fear shall never win over our faith.

faith vs fear

fight for your faith

you get to choose

choosing faith is powerful

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