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Having Faith Isn’t The Easy Thing To Do

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Having faith isn’t as easy as it seems.

Receiving the blessings of having faith is always the easier part. The hard part and the part that we have to partake in everyday, is having trust.

Reading back on my old posts about trust and what that meant for me a year ago has shown me just how much faith can do when you surrender what you can and not just have faith, but really start to live it to.

I have learned so much since i began this journey and i am so thankful now for everything i have been through because it has brought me to this place of compassion today. And my passion for helping others has grown exponentially.

Let me be real with you all, its been a big struggle to surrender those things; but i think what would have been more of a struggle is if i didn’t have my faith. Especially if i didn’t have the blessings to look forward to in direct result. I am still struggling, but i have been doing so much better and that is what i am ready to focus on now.

This topic has been weighing so heavy on me because i feel like so many of us are giving up on faith. And i truly in my heart don’t want to see that for anybody. My faith has been everything to me. 

Trusting that there is good in the world when you have been exposed to so much bad, trusting the promises ahead of you after given a tough diagnosis, trusting that you deserve love when you’ve abandoned meaningful relationships, can seem impossible.

I’ve been in the place of disparity, too.

It gets dark and lonely.

But there is hope that is waiting for you and it starts with understanding how much you truly do matter in the place that you are in.

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes day in and day out and we all have things we are trying to heal from. There are so many things we hate about our lives that we really cant change.  We all fall short.

The biggest commonality between us all is that we all want more & desire better.

We want better for ourselves, for the people we love and for the things that we can change.

Even if we don’t express it, there is a deep down desire to untangle the threads in which make up our entire being. No matter how that looks like for each individual, that desire within us will either be burning and pushing us even more and more out of our comfort zone ,OR ; it will isolate us.

The biggest difference between the two is that one of them keeps us in the same place and the other one encourages us to grow.

Most of us have experienced both and some of us will direct our path to one way and some of us get caught in the middle.

The weight gets so heavy at times that having faith can seem like its all you have and the second things don’t go right, you may even begin to resent it.

That’s when hope gets lost and having faith begins to seem harder than actually giving up.

This is the place that growth gets stunned and we truly get stuck. It becomes comfortable and familiar enough to us that leaving that place of comfort seems like we are doing ourselves a disservice.

But that is what our opponent wants; he wants to steal our joy and anything else good in our life. He wants to keep us in that same spot.

The enemy does not want us to grow, so he wants us to believe the limiting beliefs.

There is spiritual warfare that is constantly taking place in and around us and if we aren’t aware of it, we don’t fight. And when we don’t fight, subconsciously we submit ourselves.

Having faith is the catalyst to it all.

We have to trust that there is more waiting for us than what we have been told or what has been done to us.

Trusting that we are deserving of greater things is essential to receiving those blessings of faith, especially in manifesting it.

So how and why do we manifest our faith?

To have faith is to have trust in yourself and the path that you are on and trusting that it will get better.

Let me tell you friend, you don’t have to go through these things alone. Even if you feel that no one understands. Your story has purpose and meaning.

First thing is first, you have a God who loves you more than anyone or anything can even imagine. You were made in and of his unconditional love and there isn’t a thing you can do about it, friend.

The scars that you and i both have have are of the wicked in the world and not who God is.

Having faith means forgiving others but more importantly, forgiving ourselves of the burdens that have held us down.

As we grow we will realize more and more that having faith is the key component to accepting God’s grace.

Living in Gods grace hasn’t always been an easy thing for me, but its something i am always striving towards. Hence, the reason why i named my blog ” Mama in Grace“.

Becoming a mom made me realize so many things about myself and the life that i was living before. I found that asking myself difficult questions, like;

is this really serving me?

do these people that i am taking advice from really have my best interest at heart?

What would my families future look like if i broke away from the things that hurt me?

These questions made me realize that the world was happening for me and all along i had been given choices and the choices i made were my own. & i began to want more.

In fact, i crave more so much now more than i ever did before. And i wake up everyday in the same amount of pain, if not more, than i did a few years ago; but i am more excited to live now than i ever was before.

I truly believe there is so much power in having faith.

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Have faith that you deserve more, and that there are good people in this world that do and will care about your feelings. It doesn’t take much faith to move mountains and to change your life.

Look, life is not happening to you. The bad things that have happened in your life have nothing to do with you or who you are and everything to do with the invisible war that is waging.

Its so important that you find the things in this life that make your soul feel good, people who make your soul shine, and to find your passion; and truly live it.

I hope you know that he is fighting for you, and for me, and for our enemies. We have to let go of what we cannot control and we just have to have faith in him.

I hope you begin to live in his grace, and begin to grow your faith right along with me. This hasn’t been an easy journey for me and i would love to have you by my side. There is so much power in community.

I hope the best for you, always.

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