energy flows where your focus goes

Energy Flows Where Your Focus Goes

Thank you for sharing!

If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you may have heard me reference the great Brendon Burchard once or twice before. I was listening to his podcast one day when he said ” energy flows where your focus goes ” and ever since then I think of these words quite often.

We’re all human and we all get caught up focusing on negative things more times than we’d like to admit. I’ll be the first to admit it. None of us are perfect.

However, choosing to focus on things that make your heart skip a beat. The things that seem impossible, but are what you really want. Focusing on more of these things has a way to begin making their way into your reality.

I have a note written on my mirror that has really helped stop the negative thinking dead in its tracks. It says ” what i am feeling is real, but is it true”?

Your feelings are 100% validated, but they aren’t always the truth. Especially when they go against who you are as a person. Maybe parts of you have been damaged, but that does not mean that you are damaged.

Give yourself some grace.

Energy flows where your focus goes. Energy exchanges energy, always.

I hope and pray this is for someone.

Thank you for sharing!

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