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Don’t let others drown out your hope.

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There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with you. Someone who doesn’t want to support you & who won’t. Furthermore, you cannot let the others drown out your hope. 

I want you to know that your life has happened for you for a reason. & every little detail you’ve walked through and every next step you take is for a purpose that’s between you and God.

No one else knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

Not one person knows what you have been through like you do. There is 100% validation in all you’ve done, all you’re going through, and how you feel. no matter how others make you feel.

Jesus was mocked and called a liar by the majority who didn’t believe in his story and what he was doing. They didn’t believe the promises God was speaking to him, and they didn’t trust what he was doing. And he continued to be himself, regardless. 

Similarly, those who are trying to steal your hope are going to be naysayers regardless of who you choose to be. They doubt you because they are envious of the light you carry with you. These people don’t want to see you succeed because they thrive on watching you fall down.

Lean into the those who believe you, uplift you, and who give you validation for your feelings. You are meant to feel the feelings you were naturally given. They are there to tell you something about yourself, every time you feel them.

 Surround yourself in a supportive community. One where you are validated & loved for being exactly who you are. You have the power to remove yourself from those who don’t support what you think is best for you & your family. 

That doesn’t mean that what they say & do doesn’t hurt you or make you question the hope you once had.

Because it will. It creates an uncomfortable urgency to explain yourself, even though you don’t need to.  

However, no matter how much you try to explain yourself to them, they won’t ever truly listen to you. It gets really draining, & it makes hope impossible in those moments where you need it the most. 

It’s essential to be aware when this happens.

Additionally, what you need to realize is that their perspective of you is already skewed & they’ve developed a narrative all on their own. & most of the time without ever even talking to you. 

As a result, there is nothing you can change about it no matter how hard you try. You can’t change other people and what they say or how they say it. 

But, what you can control is yourself and the energy you allow to surround you. You can control your thoughts and what you allow to effect you. 

To not lose hope; you must know who you are & whose you are, what makes you happy and what gives you purpose. 

Continue to keep your eyes on what’s ahead of you.

We shouldn’t include ourselves in circles where we aren’t welcome. God doesn’t want us to feel pain brought on by other people’s deceit. Though we become victims of others actions, we must not let that be our finished story.

Above all, he wants us to go where we feel safe, where we feel included, and where we can help others. Where we can share our story and be comfortable being ourselves. 

For that reason alone, stop allowing yourself to feel less than. Because you are important.

You matter & your story matters. & not everyone is going to get you or your personality. The ones who don’t; those aren’t your people. I’ve learned. 

Go where you are already accepted just by walking in & being you. Give your good times to those who appreciate them and love those people back. 

Certainly, there are good people in this world who love you. & there are those who are dying to meet you. 

This world needs who you are.

& there’s a huge place for you. You can find your way if you can just believe it & start acting towards it. 

  • Trust the journey you are on.
  • Know what it is that you want.
  • Choose those who you spend the most time with carefully. Those who feel like a safe place. A place where you can express every bit of who you are without feelings of guilt or shame. 
  • Guard your mind, body and your spirit from negative energy and keep being the radiant person you are. 
  • Confront your feelings with the truth to begin moving on from them. 
  • Pray more, trust more, and act more. 
  • Stay true to yourself. What is meant to be will always be. 
  • Undoubtedly, don’t let haters drown out your hope. 
  • Keep being yourself.
  • Don’t lose hope!!

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