Don’t Compare Your Life To Others

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Theodore Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy. He says that to compare your work, your life, or whatever else will only serve to make you unhappy. We still do it though! It’s easy to want something you don’t have.

In my opinion, we compare our life to other peoples because of a deeper desire.

Maybe its to be relate-able or likable; i’m not sure. But, that is what i have experienced myself.

Which is why I think so many of us struggle to accept who we are and then we end up in a trap leaving us to compare who we are to others.

“Hey there, everyone. If I have met you before, I compare myself to you and what you do in your life.”

Its an ugly truth that I don’t think is that pleasant to admit, but this is real life guys so here I am. Welcome.

The ability to relate with others gives us a feeling of  feeling like we are useful and not worthless, and most importantly to know that we aren’t alone.

The things those other people are doing are just really “wants” hidden in disguise as a “need”. Making me feel like I NEED to do all of the things to be just as good.

And well, if I’m not doing those things then I’m just not a very good mom

Seriously, just writing this out makes me wonder where in the crap these made up fake worlds are that we pretend are out there and why do they have so much control over us?

Maybe your reading this and you can’t relate with what I’m saying because you have always had that power over your mindset, for that I commend you.

I’d also like to ask you what you do to stay in reality and not beat yourself up or compare your life to others in the process.

I see people all over social media who have become reclusive to the information they share with anyone because they are so afraid of no one relating with them and feeling like they have made a fool of themselves . In reality, there’s most likely hundred of others who would agree with whatever you had to say and not compare themselves in a negative way.

It’s funny how huge this world really is and yet we convince ourselves that literally no one will understand.

And we feel all alone because of it.

I don’t know about you guys but being alone fricken’ sucks. I hate being alone and I always have if we’re being honest here.

Of course being a mom I need my peace at times, but in the bigger picture if you were to leave me alone for an entire day with no kids or anything I wouldn’t know what to do with myself and being in my thoughts alone would most likely send me into a pit of depression.

Talk about your problems.

Of course I don’t tell everyone everything, but I didn’t realize how bad I needed to get out and talk to people until I finally had a mommy play date and I unloaded everything on my heart on this poor mom who had no idea what she was getting herself into. I basically used her as my therapist that day.

I still haven’t really heard from her… and I think that’s a sign.

Getting out what’s on your mind and heart is so important I’m learning. If you keep it in too long it will literally eat itself up inside your body and swallow all the good things whole. It will take over your mind, your body, and then your soul. And you become vulnerable.

And that’s the devils favorite part.

Be accepting of yourself, even your faults.

God forbid we all just accept that fact that nobody is perfect.

Maybe we would all feel more comfortable just being ourselves and not really worrying about what other people think or say anymore.

Because people will be mean, there are mean people everywhere and god still loves them right?

We don’t have to necessarily like the people that are mean, but we should love ourselves enough by staying away from them. Because when your around too much negativity it really does start to bring you down.

Part of taking care of ourselves is making sure that the people we surround ourselves with aren’t tearing us down. We should be flourishing in our relationships with people, and accepting them in their lows and helping them lift them to the highs.

Being in a small town I have really had a hard time finding those people whom my family has really clung to, and as a mom I couldn’t want anything more.

It’s important to show our kids the love and kindness in the world. Especially when their eyes are already so open and aware to the bad out there. We have to be the good and show the good if we want our kids to see the good.

Part of being the good is being accepting of yourself.

Being accepting of ourselves means that we don’t compare who we are or our life to anyone else’s, and we accept our journey for what it is. Everyone’s is different and unique and we set a good example for our younger generations and the expectations they will have when we have an attitude of gratitude.

honestly, we’re all just doing the best that we can.

Grace for others is important, but even more so is grace for yourself!

Do not compare, and love yourself right where you are at my friends. As much as you feel alone, I hope you know that you aren’t. And like I have said before, we’re all a lot more alike then we like to admit.

At the end of the day, we’re all human! ☺️

I hope you have an amazing week, and I hope you find more than one thing to be thankful for! Sending you love today and everyday ❤️

PS- We all benefit from different things. There is never a wrong or right way in mental health. Just take care of YOU🤗

grace for honor your pace

Thank you for sharing!

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