Feeling a Little Anxietea

Thank you for sharing!

Do you wake up every morning feeling like you are bombarded with anxiety?

Do you feel alone sometimes, too?

Anxiety is our bodies natural response to stress. You may just feel nervous or fearful of an upcoming event. But if your anxiety symptoms persist for longer than a month then i would say its time to take control.

So many of us are struggling to deal with life’s hardest issues because we don’t take control. Or maybe you just don’t feel like you have any control at all. That feeling is a lie.

I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone at all.

In fact, I have dealt with these same exact demeaning thoughts and feelings ever since I can remember.

Anxiety is misery and It took me years to realize it isn’t a normal way to live and think.

Being more aware of my thoughts has helped me process them and deal with them so much better!

Have you read about my journey with anxiety and panic attacks? 

I am on a mission to better myself and in the process hope to encourage others to do the same!

These mental battles are SO hard to deal with.

Which is why i want to provide a free anxiety workbook just for my subscribers.

This is the best way i feel like i can help now that i get a consistent amount of views.

Dealing with my health issues naturally has provided me with so much knowledge that i feel like so many people are missing and its been hard to get it all out when i write.

Its totally time to focus and place my knowledge with my passion, and hopefully help others out in the process!

We need to be there for each other– and in my opinion, it’s so important to know we are not alone! I am still working on some stuff but feel free to give me your feedback! I love feedback! 😊

And remember:


You are worthy. You are not alone. You deserve SO much more than anxiety makes you believe.


Mama in Grace

Thank you for sharing!

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