16 Ways To Help Fight Depression

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Life has been full of disappointments ever since i can remember, yet, learning how to help combat depression has always been a goal of mine.

Who doesn’t want to live a happy life?

Especially when you come from the depths of hell, happiness becomes a huge desire. If you are anything like me, depression may run in your family and you are the one learning how to help yourself break free from it.

It’s not that you are necessarily wallowing in your sorrows, but not knowing how to fight those nasty thoughts can certainly lead you there. No one truly likes to be there..

When you are left with no support it gets easier and easier to fall down that hole. I’ve been there so many times. And sometimes just positive thinking doesn’t cure depression, i’m not sure if anything really does to be honest and that’s why it helps to know how to fight it.

Depression can be a vicious and repetitive cycle and it’s up to us to make sure we get the help we need.

Being a mom has pushed me even more to make some serious changes with my mental health and i am grateful for what i have learned along the way.

Turning disappointment into opportunity has been a crucial part of the learning process. Here is what has worked for me in my journey,

  • Find out what your purpose is

I truly believe I was meant to help others because it always gives me the most gratification when i am feeling depressed. Knowing how and what it is that lights the fire in your heart is one of the first steps to take when helping yourself and fighting depression. It really helps to know what your purpose is, because we all have one.

  • Allowing grace into your heart

Having grace in your heart isn’t just accepting crappy behaviors from other people in your life and not caring about it. It is having enough grace for yourself to not allow yourself to be treated a certain way and caring enough about other people to have the respect to get them out of your everyday life.

  • Understand that perfection is impossible

A huge leading cause to depression is trying to maintain a perfect image or striving for perfection, but that doesn’t help anyone. No one on this entire earth is perfect and no one ever will be. We all make mistakes and we all have baggage that we carry and demons we are constantly fighting. Staying happy takes a lot of work. We have to quit letting other people’s opinions have control over what moves we are making in our life.

  • Accept your feelings

I can’t express it enough how important it is to confront your emotions. Don’t be afraid of them. It is so unhealthy to carry negative thoughts and emotions with you because most of the times it’s the negative feelings your holding onto that are making you physically ill. That’s why I think it’s so important to be a positive person, but to also be real with your emotions, yourself, and with the people you surround yourself with.

  • Don’t allow your expectations for yourself be expectations of those you love

When we set expectations for ourselves we sometimes, without even realizing it, set those same expectations on the ones we love. Just because you are on a difficult journey and/or trying to better your life it doesn’t mean that those around you will be keeping up. Remember that words of encouragement and support are what help you, so it will most likely be what helps others.

  • Practice self care everyday

Self care isn’t just a “trend” that is going to fly by. Self care is so much more important than pedicures and walks on the beach. Yes, those things help, but make sure you are tending to your mind, body, and soul so that they are in alignment with one another. **Some tips for self care are: Calling a friend or seeing a therapist, doing something creative, de-cluttering and cleaning, drinking enough water, getting proper exercise.

  • Forgive yourself and others

Words no matter how quiet can hurt you really bad. You can be the mentally strongest person in the world, but when you are faced with opposition and doubt I’m sure there is a small percentage of doubt in your mind.

Forgive those who have hurt us and love them from a distance. the forgiveness is more for you than it is fore them. There is so much grace in living life without resentment, and it truly helps you in moving forward. Forgiving yourself is also pretty powerful as well.

  • Don’t let other negative opinions effect you in a negative way .

Most of the time when people aren’t supportive of our dreams or wants, its because they are having a problem with their own. If you feel great about what you are doing then accept what they have to say with grace and try to not let it effect you.

Remind yourself of the truth and focus your energy on greater things. Opinions are just that, opinions. Not based on facts.

  • Be aware of change and accept when it comes

When you keep going through hard stuff, it becomes easier to deal with. I can honestly say that I have learned the most about myself through every experience I have been through.

When change comes initially it gets really uncomfortable because it is so unfamiliar. Accepting that its going to be uncomfortable is how i help myself when i feel depression sneaking in.

  • Stay faithful

It’s during the hardest times of our life that our faith gets shaken and life begins to crumble. Having faith is so hard to do when you are falling apart and feeling like the world is against you.

However, after time passes you will start to realize that keeping a faithful spirit really does serve you good.

  • Find a community

I have learned that there is always someone else out there who will appreciate you for who you are. It makes an entire world of difference when you have someone else- whether it be just a friend or a maybe a family member that understands you.

There are SO many good people in this world, but not all of them will be for you. You will find your people though, I promise you one thing: You are not alone in your depression, there are so many who are like you and/or wanting to help you.

  • Allow yourself bad days

My inner being underneath all of the shame has always wanted more. Taking those steps in what looked to others like I was bettering myself, has always been easy for me. But deep inside,  I was always falling apart.

Not allowing myself to express my feelings and forcing myself to look happy was really hurting me. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling angry, sad, or upset. We have feelings for a reason. Just don’t unpack and live there.

  • Open your mind to new possibilities

Living in a small town with not a ton of adversity, I became severely close minded as a small child. It was easy for me to think that life had to be one certain way like there was some sort of standard for us all to keep up with.

I never realized that the world was full of so many possibilities but once i figured it out i was able to open my mind to what life could be like. I think everyone’s walk in life can have an impact on the world.

There is so much joy in setting your heart on a venture.

You have a purpose and your passions are found right in the middle of it.

  • Have a goal that keeps you moving forward.

No matter what hardship you face, you can teach yourself something that propels you into something greater.

You can

A. Let it define you


B. Let it destroy you.

Ultimately the choice is in our own hands. Find what sets your soul on fire, and just go for it!

  • Realize that you don’t need a big circle

Remember Jesus only had 12 disciplines in which 9 had turned their backs on him. Out of everyone else there were only 3 solid people that Jesus could count on and that he fully trusted.

This specific story is meant to tell something and that something in my opinion is to.. keep your circle small.

  • Positive Affirmations

What if we all started to believe in ourselves just a little bit more everyday? Trusting and believing in yourself is one of the biggest secrets to overcoming anything.

Repeat positive (and biblical) affirmations to yourself on a daily basis and see what it does for your well being.

I wish you nothing but the best, and if you feel like none of this makes sense for you with where you are at in your journey, that’s ok. You aren’t alone.

Reach out to your doctor, or a therapist and get the help you need. Sometimes all we need is just for someone to listen.


Thank you for sharing!

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