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11 Different Benefits of Coconut Oil

Thank you for sharing!

Everyone and their mama should know about the benefits of coconut oil.

Everyone has heard about that amazing juice that comes from one of the best nuts out there, right?!

It’s that big and fuzzy one with the white juice inside, you usually find the best ones on a hot sunny day on a beach in Hawaii..


I’m talking about coconuts, guys. Get your mind outta the gutter! 🤣

For centuries the coconut tree has been called “the tree of life.” Basically every single part of the nut can be used.

Anyways, these amazing things can be made into oil which tends to be one of the safest and most natural way to take care of over 100 different things!!

I now present to you 12 reasons why you need it in your home.

Health Booster

Yes this stuff can taste amazing as a replacement for many sweet things when cooking! (I can share more later), and at the same time can provide tons of benefits to your stomach, digestion, intestines, and even your skin!! It’s also the number one source of Lauric Acid, just after breastmilk!

Hair Conditioner

I know this is probably one of the main reasons why Beauty gurus use it, but seriously!! My hair has never been so soft before! When my hair is feeling dull, dry, and frizzy: All I do is cover my entire head from roots to ends and throw it up in a clip and keep it on for atleast 30 minutes but no limit to time.(sometimes I cover my pillow with a towel or two, and just sleep in it). Wash it out and style as usual, you are good to go!

Heel Softener-

This is something I’m sure most of us sandals wearers deal with, dry and callused heels!! I wear sandals year round so this is always a struggle for me! lather my feet up in coconut oil and put socks and slippers on. I usually leave them on overnight or if it’s too hot to sleep with socks, I will find something to do to kill time and let all the amazing ness soak in!

Butter Replacement-

As I mentioned above, this is an extremely healthy way to replace butter if you are trying to watch your fat intake. We are all about butter in this house, so that’s never really an issue, but when cooking and baking certain meals for other people this can be a necessity and a very tasty replacement!

Frizz Control-

Us girls can all relate on the annoyance of frizz. I know I’m not the only one that gets that super awkward looking wanna be fro when a little humidity breaks out. Coconut oil is seriously my go to for adding those extra healing benefits as well.

You don’t need very much, at all.. just enough to coat your hands.


Anyone else ever coat themselves with lotion after every shower?? I can’t get dressed until I nourish my skin, it’s a total pet peeve of mine. But, it’s ok! I found a solution. When I run out of my favorite body or facial lotion, i like to use CO. And it never fails me, plus you smell yummy all day!😋

Oil Pulling-

This is something I have only ever done at one point in my life, and never really have again. I am thinking that maybe I should again though? Some women I know swear by the benefits of oil pulling and supposedly coconut oil is the best to use. I’m not sure how to put this into my own words, so here is the definition of “oil pulling” from Wikepedia😉

“Oil pulling is an alternative medical practice in which oil is “swished” around the mouth. Practitioners of oil pulling claim it is capable of improving oral and systemic health, including a benefit in conditions such as headaches, migraines, diabetes mellitus, asthma, and acne, as well as whitening teeth.[4] Some of its promoters claim it works by “pulling out” toxins, which are known as ama in Ayurvedic medicine, and thereby reducing inflammation. There is no credible evidence to support this.”

Sugar Scrubs-

Dead skin.. yucky! But unfortunately we all have it.. and we should all be exfoliating atleast once a week to help our skin rid of all the dead stuff. Makes sense right??

But body scrubs can be spendy and full of chemicals you say!

Well, you can make your own super easily! All I do is mix some sugar with the oil, and scrub away! My skin thanks me, and yours will too!

Psoriasis and Excema Relief-

This sorta kinda, but not really goes along the lines with moisturizer. I struggle with psoriasis so bad on my hairline, and i refuse to take medication for it.

Essential Oil Carrier Oil-

If you haven’t heard of the term “carrier oil” before, you may not be too familiar with essential oils. This works great for applying essential oils to mine and my kids feet! I don’t see the need to purchase fractionated oil when I can get all of the benefits with nothing extracted using just my stuff from home.

Eyelash Growth-

Ok, this is by far the best use in my own humbled opinion. Seriously ladies, if you want thicker and longer lashes start applying it to your eyelashes every night before bed using your fingertips. Give it a month, and I bet you notice a major difference!

You’re welcome!😘

These are my main uses for coconut oil in my home! I know it’s a lot, but that’s why I’m saying every home needs a container of it! It really is highly beneficial to your life in many aspects.

What’s your favorite use?

P.S.- I purchase my coconut oil from Costco and have noticed major benefits from using it.

It’s organic which means that it is cold pressed and never chemically treated during production! 🙌

Give yourself some love and go get some coconut oil!


Thank you for sharing!


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