Being A Mom Is So Hard, But So Worth It

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Don’t get me wrong. It’s worth it, but being a mom is hard.

Actually, lets just be honest here, its the hardest thing i have ever done.

Being a mom is hard because its a choice i choose to make day after day. It means that i put other peoples needs and wants first in my life before i take a second to glance at my own.

Its not the loving that feels hard. Its the constant need that other people have from you.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago i was for sure that i wanted to be a mom. What i didn’t realize is what it all entailed to be. Its easy when your not the one dealing with the 24/7 care. The appointments, the financials, the cleaning, requests from teachers and caregivers, hygiene for 3 small people, cooking meals, and the never ending pile of laundry, etc, etc.. to think that parenting is easy and something i thought i could do.

Truthfully, it’s hard just about every single day.

My kids are now 7, 4, and 1 and every single day i feel like there is at least one thing that i am failing at. The truth is that it’s impossible to ever get everything right.

Being a mom is hard because there are always things to be done and never enough time to get them all done.

At the end of the day when i lay my head down at night i deal with the guilt that i am completely messing up at this whole mom thing. Maybe its the anxiety speaking to me, but either way.. the thoughts are there and its hard to deny that. Its hard. But prayer has got me so far.

God has taught me so much about grace through parenting. Grace for myself most importantly.

My kids love me there is no doubt about that, but feeling worthy when they aren’t being so nice to me feels really hard sometimes.

Being a mom is hard because in between all of the requests it gets easy to forget who you are.

Being a mom requires so much mental and physical energy and i struggle to find just a little bit of time for myself.


Being a mom is so dang hard, but man oh man is it worth it.


We are blessed to have the life we have.

Reminding ourselves of how much worse it could be is an important reminder for the both of us and something we try and teach to our children. No matter how hard it may be, it could always be worse.

Time and time again its been proven that life doesn’t just happen for anyone without work, patience, and persistence.

Unless of course you have things handed to you and in that case, it took someone else’s work, patience, and persistence.

Its easy for us to forget these things when we are in the trenches of motherhood. It seems like because certain things in our life are not going how we think they should be; we fail to find worth in what we are doing.

Those are the types of things that eat at my mind when its overwhelmed with debilitating thoughts.

Its the night where exhaustion overtakes and there are kids surrounding me in a filthy kitchen. And they are all begging me for a dinner i haven’t even thought about making.  Its those nights that i end up standing there in a puddle of sorrow. It seems to be easier to let negative thoughts consume us more than we let the positive.

Especially when we let that become our habit.

Sometimes being a mom makes me forget who i am. But when i get up and look at the little faces of love that are dependent upon me, and i cant help but find instant worth in the work i am doing.

I can’t give up on them like people have given up on me and it’s my dying wish to make sure they never have to feel the pain I have.

Being a mom is literally one of the hardest jobs on this planet, yet its the most rewarding.

Its rewarding in many ways and not just one. Not just because you get to be the best meal maker, towel folder, or ow-ie kisser; but because you know that all of the hard work now will be worth it later. At least we hope so anyways.

The things i have been through in life were all a lesson for me and have made me to be the person i am today and that will be the outline of the story for my kids, too. As long as we continue to remind ourselves that life is happening for us and not to us, our kids will perceive life the same.

Every hardship they see you work through right now will give them tools they need later.

The crappy friends, the mean people we encounter, and the unfortunate situations we find ourselves in, there is worth and value in those situations.

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As a mom, i vow to try my hardest to be the light in the dark. And to show the positivity where there only seems to be negative.

Its my job to share with my kids the good in the world, and to teach them how kindness works but also to not be naive about the real world. and how you always treat people the way you want to be treated.

Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to, and it gets hard, reaaaaaally hard.

But as long as we see ourselves as worthy, so will our kids.

See the worth in what you are doing as a mom, and being a mom wont look so hard anymore.

The older my kids are getting the more i realize how important it is to talk with them about feelings; and encourage them to be open about theirs.

Keep making things better, mama.  Being a mom is hard and at times feels like you have given yourself away, but every bit of it is and will be worth it. Don’t forget to love yourself in the seasons, too.

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself, mama. 

Life wouldn’t be the same without you. For any of us. Give yourself grace to be the mom you were meant to be.

Being a mom is worth it because you are worth it!

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