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Beauty Tips For Every Woman

Thank you for sharing!

Being a woman demands a lot this day in age, even as far as beauty goes. The constant demands from life and those around you make it sometimes impossible to find time to care for yourself.

Knowing about and having a secret beauty tip and tricks makes it much less stressful. That’s why i want to share what i have learned throughout the years, with you!

Here are the beauty tips i have learned over the years that will vitalize any woman.

 1. Dry and clumpy mascara?

My first instinct when this happens to me is to heat the tube of mascara in my bra while i am getting ready. Sometimes, i don’t have a bra on yet, or i just don’t have the time to wait so i will set the tube of mascara (not too close) next to my hair straightener to warm it up.

If that doesn’t work for me, i will add a drop of saline solution in the tube and that usually helps break up the clumps!

Seriously, game changer!

 2. Frizzy hair and fly-away’s?

Designate a toothbrush just for your hair. Seriously, sounds crazy, but you could even get a cheap one at the dollar store! Spray the toothbrush with hair spray and comb the hairs around your face and on your head, and they will be tamed!

3. Do you have a really bad sunburn and need relief from ‘hot skin’?

I read somewhere awhile back that said there is something about foam based shaving cream with menthol that helps take the heat away from sunburns. Thankfully, i haven’t been burned that bad before so i have not needed to try this beauty tip myself, but it would be useful for any man or woman!  Cover your skin, but don’t rub in, and let it dissolve into the sunburn for about 30 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm to cold water.

4. Do you have dry and dull hair?

Deciding on a good hair mask can be difficult when they cost so much for how little you usually get. My favorite out of all beauty tips for hair as a woman with long, thick, and curly hair, is by far coconut oil.

Not only do you most likely have some, but a little goes a long way! My husband can’t stand the smell, so husbands beware. (But, y’all don’t understand!) Dry and frizzy hair is the worst!

What I do: During hot summer days i will put a small amount on the ends of my really dry hair; Then to mask.

At night I will coat my hair completely with coconut oil (and honestly I use olive oil for this too). Then, i let it sit for 20 minutes sometimes and sometimes all night long with a towel over my pillow.

PS- Coconut oil works wonders for removing water proof eye makeup as well.

5. Are you a woman in need of beauty tips for acne?

confession time. If you follow me on other social media channels you may have seen me talk about this before, but I struggle with acne. Like really bad. Acne is a terrible confidence killer.

Wanna know a trick I just recently learned that has changed my life?


It will heal instead of blister, its a legit miracle for acne and i keep it in my makeup bag ALL the time!

6. Do you ever go out and get deodorant all over your shirt?

Who wants to find a new outfit to wear just because of deodorant? Not me..

If your home, you could grab a dryer sheet and rub over the spot lightly and watch it disappear! If you haven’t noticed it until you already left the house, it’s OK!

Just use the inside of your shirt or coat, or any other type of cotton and rub them together, wa-la, it is clean.

7. Dirty hair and missed a shower?

Snooze button got you this morning didn’t it? I totally get it. me too.

My beauty tip for this one is baby powder or corn starch!

All you do is lightly tap the baby powder into the roots of your hair–

Then put your fingers on your scalp and light shake back and forth to help spread it over your scalp.

The purpose is for the powder to soak up the extra natural grease in your hair and dry it up making it look cleaner.

8. Want white teeth but don’t want to spend a fortune?

#momlife totally has me drinking more coffee then I ever thought I would! I drink so much coffee everyday!

Hydrogen peroxide has been our go to. Not only do they already put it in toothpastes, but it surprisingly works very well as a teeth whitener!

What we do is dump a 1:1 ratio of mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide into a shot glass and then swish it, just like normal.

**Watch out, because it does get a lot foamier when swishing in your mouth, and it tastes yuck.

but, the results are worth it!

9. Need to ‘set’ your face, but not sure what or how?

Jamsu is a technique i just read about on pinterest which means ‘diving’. This Korean beauty tip is something that every woman should know about because its something we will need at some point in our life.  Jamsu involves doing a full face of makeup as normal, baking your face with setting powder (or baby powder) and literally setting your face in a basin of ice cold water for 30 seconds.

You then pat your face dry gently with a towel and your face will be left looking flawless. Don’t believe me? look it up! I think the cold water would leaves a nice effect on pores and fine lines and wrinkles to shrink them up.

On that same note, i have heard and read several different places that you can rub an ice cube all over your face before applying your makeup for the same effect.

**It also helps with the swelling and redness of acne!

10. Tepezcohuite

Never heard of it? Neither did i! I was actually reading through a celebrity article on Instagram and found out about it! It is used a lot in Mexico and only recently has made its way into the United States, and of course, in Hollywood. Salma Hayek has created an entire skin care line based on this one main ingredient, because its that amazing!

It’s mainly found in facial serums and creams; but its main purpose is keeping the skin healthy. It has antimicrobial properties and is known for healing the skin quickly. People use it for eczema, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, dark spots, and more! I cant wait to get my hands on this stuff and i am thankful to now know about it!

I hope this list of beauty tips is as useful for you as it has been for me, if not, share with another woman! It will be helpful for someone!

Thank you for sharing!

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