authentic carne asada tacos

Authentic Carne Asada Street Tacos

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authentic carne asada street tacos

Living up in the North West part of the US, Authentic Mexican food is extremely hard to come by, especially carne asada tacos!

I had never known what “authentic” Mexican food really was until Jordan and I took a trip down to visit his family in San Diego 5 years ago.

That trip defined so many things for me including my new favorite foods!

I never really realized what I was truly missing out on

A restaurant named Tres Hermanos didn’t sound very appealing and honestly it looked like a fast food restaurant out of a 1970’s murder series.

I mean, I guess it WAS late at night, and there were lights that had burnt out all around the building

-no sign of people and the restaurant honestly looked more like a shack.

There were only a handful of items on the menu board and I had no idea what any of them were.

Jordan reassured me that all of their food was good and to trust him. So I said alright order me whatever it is you have been talking about.

Guys, what I didn’t realize is that this California burrito he had been talking about is actually a giant roll full of deliciousness; sent straight from the heavens!

I’m not even exaggerating.. I legit think about California Burritos quite frequently ever since..

and I day dream about the Tres Hermanos overnighting me a few to heat up the next day😋 —if only I could learn how to make a Cali Burritooooo!

Anyways, while in San Diego I not only got to eat the best of Mexican food, literally minutes away from Tijuana,

So today it’s all about the Carne Asada street tacos.

Over the years of making Carne Asada tacos on a frequent basis, I have tweaked the recipe to what we like as a family, so that is the version you will be getting from me!

Feel free to make changes on whatever you think would work best for you and yours.

This recipe is heaven when it’s made correctly!

Originally I was taught to make authentic homemade tortillas. I was even given my very own tortilla press to use! So cool!

It’s simple she said! All you do is half white flour and half corn flour (ma seca) and a little bit of water.. she said.

I thought it would be amazing to make these yummy soft and warm corn tortilla on my own. but I still STILL haven’t gotten the proportions correct.

Still working on it.. oh well I will settle for Mission for now ☺️

Here is all you need my friends..

Authentic Carne Asada Street Tacos

  • 3 + lbs. of Beef rump or round roast or Flank Style (any cut really works) *If you find some with a big strip of fat (suet) on it, that’s best!
  • Beef suet a good thick strip of it or whatever you can find- but this is essential to making street tacos!
  • 3-4 lemons ( I have been short on lemons before and used in orange instead- it was SO good)
  • 1 Tablespoon of steak seasoning ( whatever you want to use- I have used homemade steak seasonings and it’s just as good! We normally have Montreal Steak seasoning on hand so we use that quite a bit)
  • garlic salt
  • **Optional( depending on whose eating) I like to use cayenne pepper, I like the flavor it adds personally
  • Onion (yellow or red work perfectly)
  • Cilantro
  • 1-2limes ( whatever you may think you will use) we always use 2!
  • Corn tortillas
  • Valenitas Hot Sauce! – (I also discovered this for the first time while down in San Diego and I fell in love! – plus that huge bottle is only 1.50$ at Walmart!)

Authentic Carne Asada Street Tacos Printable

The thing about authentic Carne Asada is also to cut your meat thin.

It needs to be small-like little bite size pieces. Sometimes I cut bigger pieces- honestly, whatever works perfect for you.

**To make cutting easier if you don’t have the sharpest of knives, freeze the meat for as long as you can and cut it while it’s frozen. It makes cutting off the slab of fat and dicing up the meat so much easier!

  1. After you are done cutting up the meat- place it all in a bowl and add in the seasonings. Squeeze in the juice of all the lemons and let marinate for as long as possible. Obviously the longer the better.

*Sometimes we don’t let it marinate for long at all when we are in a crunch to make dinner! * It tastes good either way!

2. When it’s done marinating put the meat in whatever its cooking in. Along with the meat, add in the fat that you trimmed off and cook on low-medium.

(Personally, I like to cook the meat in an electric skillet so it can cook quickly and efficiently. all while soaking in everything!)

All of the juices and fat will rise over the meat and make everything look kinda soupy. Don’t panic! That’s normal– it will cook off.

3. Once it gets to that point to where it’s boiling I like to raise the temperature a little over medium. This makes the meat lock in all of the juice. and it will begin to crisp up on the outside.

Once done-keep warm.

4. In the meanwhile, I cut up my onion and cilantro.

*My tip for rinsing cilantro: rinse the whole bunch under cold water, sprinkle salt all over it and with your hands, gently move it all around. Then rinse off again.

Then grab the bunch by the stems and gently but vigorously, shake while it’s upside down above the sink and it should dry out pretty good.

If there is still have a lot of moisture in the bundle -grab a paper towel and squeeze it to help soak up whatever is left.

5. Then, slice up your limes as a condiment (its a must– trust me)

6. Last, cover a warm corn tortilla with asada, cilantro, onion, fresh lime juice, and whichever hot sauce you like most & then prepare your taste buds!

I couldn’t even wait to eat a taco before taking a picture for you guys, so this is the best I have for finished product! Yummy authentic tacos. 

Another yummy addition to this meal or as a super yummy Mexican style snack is Pepinos! (Pe-pee-nose)

For Pepinos all you need is a cucumber, lemon and lemon pepper 

  1. Peel and slice your cucumber into slices and lay on a plate- sprinkle lightly with lemon pepper and squeeze a fresh lemon over the top.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Feel free to share with your other friends who may crave those authentic street tacos as well!!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Love from our kitchen to yours!❤️

authentic carne asada street tacos

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mexican food is my love language

Thank you for sharing!


  1. I love Mexican food. In some ways it is so similar to a few Indian food dishes that it almost feels like home whenever I go out to eat Mexican dishes. 😊 This recipe looks so yummy. I am going to try it out this weekend.


  2. Dalene Ekirapa

    Now I’m salivating! I visited a Mexican restaurant and ate some tacos. Since then, I’m all for tacos. And you make them just perfectly! How yummy..


  3. Wow! Really making my mouth water. Waiting to try some day at home.


  4. The food looks super delicious! I would love to have some now. Mex variations are always nice for my mouth.


  5. I got exposed to Mexicsn food during my visit in California two years ago and i inadequately falling in love with the hot and spicy in this cusine. Thanks for this post.


  6. I am salivating right now…I love Mexican food! Super-yummy… but I guess I have never had an authentic Mexican dish.


  7. Carne asada is SO, SO good! And street tacos?! Love ’em. Living in Texas, we have all kinds of Mexican food options, but making those same meals at home adds a whole different flair to them!


  8. Yum! This recipe sounds so delicious! I live in the Pacific NW and while certain parts are definitely hard to find great Mexican food, in my town, we’ve been blessed with some really tasty Mexican restaurants comparable to SoCal.


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