Thank you for sharing!

Hey there! My name is Courtney Flores, and i am a mental health and wellness advocate, business owner, and wife to a hunk of a husband and busy mom to 3 of our amazing little humans!

We have been on quite the journey together these past 8 years having babies, moving across states, starting a business, and overcoming an insane amount of health problems together.

Starting this blog and sharing my story of childhood trauma has played a MAJOR part in my journey.

Journaling has not only been healing and helpful to myself but I have been able to encourage and inspire others to do the same which has given a purpose and meaning to so much unforgiving and unforgettable pain.

Helping others is something I feel like I was always meant to do and I am so glad I have finally opened that door!

Conversation on similar topics or even different journeys always opens opportunities to learn more. So, follow along as I share the struggles in motherhood and the stigma against mental health, while encouraging others to be themselves in a world full of judgement.

I have a huge passion for mental health awareness, anxiety/ptsd recovery, and breaking ties from people and things that are weighing you down.

If there is one thing you take away from my site when you visit; I hope it’s that you know you matter, and that your story matters.❤️

Thank you for sharing!