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13 Healthy Habits To Create With Your Kids

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I haven’t always had the healthiest habits.

Because of the environment i grew up in there were unhealthy habits i developed as a kid that i have had to unlearn over the years. Now, as a mom myself, i always stress about recreating those same habits with my own kids.

My hopes is to just do the best i can everyday. & to share the things im learning with my family so that we can become stronger together.

Meanwhile, the CoronaVirus has forced everyone to stay home. Because of this, some parents might be feeling more overwhelmed than usual. Searching for anything to find a minute of relaxation or peace.

Fortunately, for me, i work from home anyways & my husband works for himself. So, nothing in our life has changed that drastically.

Of course, other than the fact that the grocery store shelves have been bare and toilet paper is MIA.

My oldest just turned 8 years old and we have two others that are 5 and 2. Keeping them all healthy is super important to me as im sure it is for most parents.

Becoming a mom has made me realize that being healthy goes far beyond just eating a healthy diet.

The last 5 years i have worked intensively on my own mental health, healing from my past, and creating healthy habits with my kids.

I got tired of feeling like i was constantly searching for something to help me feel better mentally and physically.

Quickly, i realized that i was just fighting to survive and not even thriving. I searched deep down in my soul to do work i felt needed to be done. & i began to create a new life for myself.

I’ve been happier with myself than i ever have before, even while overcoming cancer. I understand that getting up and looking forward to the day can be hard to do during times like this.

Don’t ever forget that just because times are hard right now and you may be struggling, you are not failing. You have feelings, and they are real.. and there for a reason. We just have to learn to overcome them and not let them overcome you. 

These are the habits I’ve personally created right at home with my kids.

I hope they can help you & hopefully encourage you during these times.

  1. Podcasts

There are many podcasts i love listening to when i feel like im needing encouragement and/or inspiration. I like to listen to these ones specifically on my loud speaker while cleaning or running around the house. So, they are safe for my little ones ears. My favorites right now are:

  • Manifestation Babe with Katherin Zenkina
  • Straight Up with Trent Shelton
  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  • The Ed Mylett Show with Ed Mylett

2. Fresh Air

In this case of being clustered in small spaces with your family; get outside with your kids and get some fresh air! If that’s not possible, open up a window and sit near it. Otherwise if you need to get out of the house, go for a drive and roll the windows down! Go for a walk if you can and get in some exercise as well.

3. Grounding

If you happen to have soft ground outside walk outside barefoot! I never truly realized the effect until i struggled severely from panic attacks. Grounding is a powerful technique that i will always use and encourage my kids to do, too.

4. At home spa day!

If you have a chance to do it alone, hallelujah! I like to take a hot shower and scrub my feet at the end of it. Then when i get out i usually do a face mask and paint my toe nails. It makes a huge difference in how im feeling!

If im with the kids, i will soak their feet in warm water and give them pedicures! Both my boys and my daughter love it! They love to have their feet rubbed and soaked. And of course, i always paint my daughters toes, too!

5. Exercise!

I’m not talking about going all out and trying to create a whole new routine right away. However, if that is you, then that’s great too. But, sometimes when you set yourself up for a big plan right away, you don’t always follow  through.

Work yourself up to the point you want to be.

I have kept a commitment to myself to do 100 squats a day for several months now. And its become really easy for me to attain now, so i have been able to do a lot more now. Just encourage yourself to do something to get your heart rate up. Remind your body who is really in control.

If you need to keep the kids busy, put on Cosmic Kids Yoga via YouTube. It is super interactive yoga that tells them a story that goes along with the yoga poses they do. Highly recommend it. She even has an app now, too!

6. Journal

If you have not noticed already, i like to write a lot and its become one of the habits i try to influence my kids the most with. And i wasn’t always this way, especially as a kid myself.

But writing has become therapy for me, more than a habit. & a way to express feelings in a really healthy way. In addition to the kids homework, i just started to journal with them since they have been home schooled.

Its always good to reflect and its really easy to find helpful journal prompts on Pinterest. And its really good for mental health. Here are a few that came to mind right away:

  • What are you thankful for?
  • Your happiest memory?
  • A favorite thing about yourself?
  • Choose a goal you have before your next birthday?
  • In your opinion, what are your greatest strengths and qualities?

7. Get creative!

I recently contributed to a collaborative post from a fellow blogger friend of mine about this exact thing; which really encouraged me to create my own post about what has helped me. It is so good for our mental health to get creative. Take some time to sit down and create something like a DIY project, or do a craft with your kiddos, and/or color with them.

I have an adult coloring book i like to color in with my own colored pencils that the kids cant use. 🙂

8. Rest Time

Designate specific time everyday for quiet/ rest time, whether your kids nap or not. Most importantly, give everyone their own space for 15-30 minutes. Use this time to read a book, listen to an audio book (there are even some for kids), and meditate. (i use the Simple Habit app which has meditations for kids as well.

Or, you can just lay down. It helps so much to recharge.

9. Zoom, Skype, Face time friends and/or family.

Keep in touch with those you love. I’ve personally learned through years of isolation how important it is to stay in close contact with your community. It does a soul a lot of good to feel connected.

10. Prepare for your day.

I’ve personally noticed my kids do better when preparation for the next day is a part of their daily habits. For instance, start each day with a list of ‘must-do’ things that you need to get done. Go over your day in the morning and be intentional about the pressure you put on yourself. Give yourself grace for not being able to do every little thing. Focus on one thing at a time.

11. Have a dance party!

As a result of being at home for several days in a row, the energy can drain fairly quick. I choose any kind of upbeat music, put it on loud, and we all dance around and sing. Music is legit therapy and helps elevate the mood quickly.

12. Gratitude

However you feel like expressing gratitude habits with your kids, just do it! There is no right or wrong way. Pray together with your kids and be thankful for the good things.

During times like the CoronaVirus, create cards for essential workers in the community thanking them. In addition, you can create cards for friends & family and deliver them in mailboxes or on doorsteps just to simply spread joy.

13. Listen to your intuition.

I know this all may seem like a lot. But in reality, just go with the flow and listen to your body. If you feel like resting and are having a hard time boosting energy, just listen to your body and rest.

At the end of the day, times can be hard to get through when you have kids to take care of on top of so many other things. Let alone taking care of yourself.

We are all doing the best that we can right now with the resources we have. Some days will be harder than others & some days will be easier. Take advantage of the good days.

Listen to what you are feeling and go from there.

Finally, i encourage you to use this time to create new healthy habits and routines. And to shift your mindset to a new perspective. 

Its going to get better friends. It has to. Do your best to not stress. Sending you all my love.

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  1. Lisa Lenoch

    I really enjoyed your suggestions and information for kids as well. Gratitude and a positive attitude is huge right now. Thank you for this blog!



    • Courtney Ferguson

      Yes it really is!! Thank you so much for the feedback!


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