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Hey there, I’m so glad you are here!


I’m Courtney and the creator of Mama in Grace!

I started this website to provide a safe outlet to talk about some really hard things that I’ve personally experienced throughout my life and to help get me through them.

Creating a place where i felt like i could finally be myself quickly became a passion of mine to help others who had been through similar things.

Aside from keeping up with my 3 kids, becoming a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, helping my husband with our business, and everything else that falls in-between those things; I really love to write encouraging things and I love to help people.

Being a small town girl from Montana i have always had a passion for diversity and thinking outside of the box, you know, doing things differently than everyone else!

I truly enjoy getting to know people from different parts of the world and connecting on the things that bring us all together. The joy, the understandings, the celebrations, and even the heartaches.

My hope is that i can encourage you no matter where you may be at in your journey to live in God’s grace with an unwavering faith and in His perfect love.

So, find a comfy seat and prepare your heart to be opened as you read through my blog posts.

I hope there is something in here that is just for you.

“For i know the plans i have for you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11


So, What Does Grace Even Mean?


-A state of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance

-Approval; Favor

-Undeserved divine assistance given to humans for their restoration or to be set apart for a special purpose.


I guess you could say I’m just another mama living in His grace. <3


Thank you for sharing!