80+ Hand & Foot Print Craft Ideas For Kids

Thank you for sharing!

hand & foot print

As a mom myself, i love to have and receive hand and foot print crafts from my kids.

Of course, the insane amount of crafts we get from daycare, church, and school can get a little too much. So, these sort of crafts make the decision to keep always worth it! Especially when its a gift to a loved one.

Whether you are a stay at home mama, or you work in a setting where you are regularly doing crafts with kids, these are all super fun and easy ideas. Spring time is always fun in Montana, because the sun seems to shine every single day even if its just a little bit! And when the sun is shining, we all feel good. Am i right?!

Anyways, doing crafts with kids is almost always messy so don’t forget to prepare for that! With that being said, breath, mama. These times only last for so long, and these memories will be the best to keep.

Springtime always gets us excited for Easter, which of course involves more crafts! Save this post for later so that you don’t forget all of these cute ideas! We have done a few of them in the past already, but i cant find them unless i go out to my garage and dig them out of storage.. totally not doing that right now! But you guys will get the point with these pictures i found. haha

Happy hand & foot print making with your kids, and Happy Spring! I hope you have some fun and can create your own memorable pieces with these!

Have any cute ideas you want to share with us? Feel free to add them in the comments! 🙂

Hand ChickenFlamingo

Hand and Foot FlowersHand FlowersLoveLion Feet

To find craft ideas like the “lion feet” head on over to Bubba Bear Keepsakes for inspiration!Feet CarrotsHand FishMike & SullyAlphabet HandsDino FeetHand TurtlesFamily HandsHand TreeAlphabet HandsBunny Foot

This adorable handprint turkey idea came from the meaningfulmama.com!

turkey handprint craft

christmas hand and foot prints

handprint craft

SUPER cute footprint ideas for Christmas from fabartdiy.com

footprint crafts

I made this exact same craft when my two oldest were babies, and i painted it on a board. I thought it would be super cute to try and paint the ribbon effect but it didn’t look as cute! So this is a better image also from fabartdiy.com

footprint christmas idea


Thank you for sharing!


  1. Wow, this is really creative! I love the artworks, especially the turtles and the lion! I would love to do some hand and foot print crafts with my niece. Thanks for the idea! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla


    • The lion is my painting! Thank you for featuring it in the collection! I actually have been painting hand and footprint art for 4 years now and have many designs. I paint bespoke pictures as well as have a selection of DIY prints. Please do get in touch if you’d like to see more of my work!


      • Courtney Ferguson

        Oh my goodness, im so glad that you found this! I would love to link your blog under the picture if thats ok with you? This is by far one of the cutest! Thank you for sharing it with us on the internet and for reaching out to me so i can give you the credit!


      • Ute Londeree

        What kind of paint do you use for these projects? I would like to create something with my grandchildren.


  2. OMG these are all so so so cool, but… I think I am loving the LION the most! So creative. This just reminds me of how the nurses screwed up my son’s footprints when we were at the hospital when he was born, ha!


    • Thank you! I have so many more creative pictures that I paint for my customers as well as ideas for DIY Pictures. Pop over to my page to see more!

      Thank you!


  3. Dalene Ekirapa

    Crafts can be so cute although you just need to be ready for a mess when kids are into crafts. Anyway, it always good to let them explore their creativity.


  4. Now this is something creative. Easy to make and kids can enjoy doing this. I will try it myself too.


  5. I love the bunny one. It looks so incredibly cute. I think my mom still has a plate with my handprint on it that I made in elementary.


  6. Alexandra Cook

    These are such a fun craft. My mom still has mine from when I was little!


  7. Those ideas look like so much fun. As I was scrolling down, I started to pick my favorites, but my list just got longer and longer! My kids are a little older, but I think a lot of those would be fun to make together. (I’d even make some myself!)


    • Thank you Emma! The lion is one I painted using my daughter’s prints when she was 10 months old. 4 years on I have now painted over 400 pictures for so many families with such a vast array of animals. Please pop over to my page to see my other designs!


  8. Blairvillanueva

    Wow these are really clever! And very creative, perfect for kids activities 🙂


  9. Lisa Lenoch

    Izzy and I love the bunny! These are so creative and easy to do!


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